Healthy Directions

Tobacco Cessation

Quit For Life® is here for you.

We are happy to announce that starting July 1, John Deere now offers the industry-leading tobacco cessation service, Quit For Life®. Serving more than 2 million tobacco users since 1985, the Quit For Life® Program works in collaboration with the American Cancer Society®.

While there is no doubt that quitting smoking is good for your health, we understand that’s not always easy. The Quit For Life® Program has many enhanced features to help you on your journey, including:

  • One-on-one phone coaching
  • Access to a member website
  • Quit guide
  • Text tips and reminders from Text2QuitSM

You can even qualify for up to 8 weeks of nicotine patches or gum, at no cost to you as part of your benefits plan.

Call myHEALTH today for more information at 1-888-JDEERE1 (1-888-533-3731).