Healthy Directions

Tobacco Cessation


QuitPower is a new and comprehensive tobacco cessation program available to you at no cost as part of your benefit plan. It replaces the Quit for Life program, a smoking cessation program offered at John Deere. Employees currently enrolled in the Quit for Life program are encouraged to finish the program.

QuitPower® can help you live a healthier life. As part of your benefit plan you have access to:

  • A personal coach for ongoing information and support
  • A quit plan that’s customized for your needs
  • Nicotine patches or gum, delivered to your home with no out-of-pocket cost

To fit your busy schedule, QuitPower is available over the telephone, online and through the mail. Just call 1-877-QUIT-PWR (1-877-784-8797) to sign up.

Using coaching and nicotine replacement therapy can help increase your chance of kicking the habit. Don’t wait — join QuitPower today!

Join QuitPower today!