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/ Power Electronics

Power Electronics

Electronic Solutions that Work

We have extensive experience and specialize in designing efficient electronic alternatives to mechanical and hydraulic systems for machines that must toil in the most extreme environments. We have the technical capabilities to design everything from inverters, converters, and power distribution modules, to complete systems that meet your exact specifications utilizing industry-standard voltages:


Class A Inverters –: 12, 24, & 48 Volts operating up to 7kW
Class B Inverters –: 700 Volts operating up to 300kW

John Deere Electronic Solutions is implementing leading-edge technology, testing equipment and production facilities to develop and manufacture rugged Power Electronics that provide reliable, efficient alternatives to mechanical or electro-hydraulic systems. Our portfolio of products include low voltage Class A and high voltage Class B DC/DC and AC/DC inverters and converters, and we have the technical capabilities to design systems that meet your exact specifications.



  • Expandable/scalable architectures
  • Systems for permanent magnet motors, switched reluctance motors, and induction motors
  • Replacement of mechanical and electro-hydraulic systems in agriculture, construction, trucking, consumer equipment, and industrial applications
  • Drive system electrification for small and large equipment, vehicles, and recreation products

Studio image of a PD300


Inverter is based on high performance DSP Real-Time embedded software to support advanced features such as field oriented control.

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Studio image of a PD400 Single

PD400 Single

This compact inverter is designed to work at maximum efficiency with complete monitoring capabilities to enable control under the various operating conditions.

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Studio image of a PD400 Dual

PD400 Dual

This all-in-one solution eliminates the need for multiple interfaces while matching the specific needs of your system, simplifying work, and allowing system designers to do more to improve machine performance in extreme conditions.

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Studio image of a PD550 Dual

PD550 Dual

Extremely rugged high-power AC motor inverters providing speed, torque, and voltage control.

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