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ExactEmerge™ Row Unit


  • Industry-exclusive brush belt delivery system
  • High-performance vacuum meter
  • Brush-style doubles eliminator
  • Dual electric motors

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    ExactEmerge™ Row Unit


    All-New ExactEmerge™ Retrofit Kits

    When we launched ExactEmerge in 2014, we were able to bring this groundbreaking technology to two widely popular John Deere planters: the 1775NT and 1795. We recognized we were not affording this innovation to so many other loyal and current John Deere planter owners who would love to benefit from the many agronomic advantages ExactEmerge offers. Today, that’s no longer the case.

    Thanks to new ExactEmerge Retrofit Kits, you can now add all of the high-performance features detailed below to your 1770NT CCS MY11 or newer, 1790 MY11 or newer, and DB Series MY12 or newer machines. So if you own one of these planters, you’re in luck – the next generation of planting has arrived for you, too.

    Next generation planting has arrived

    Accuracy paired with speed, like you’ve never seen before. That’s the ExactEmerge experience. 10mph planting that offers accurate singulation, population, spacing, and uniform depth so you can maximize your productivity and yield potential. Designed for corn and soybean varieties of all shapes and sizes, ExactEmerge is the row unit to push your profit margins exactly where you want them.





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