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C850Air Cart


  • 850-bushel (30-cu m) capacity
  • 170 acres (69 ha) per fill
  • Under 10 minutes fill time
  • Calibrate rate in half the time
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Total tank capacity: 850 bu (30-cu m)
Low rate tank capacity:50 bu (1.8 cu m)
Conveyer rate:100 bu (3.5 cu m)/min.
Dual fans:550 lbs (249.5 kg)/min.

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    Introducing large-scale performance for small grain seeding.
    With a large 850-bushel (30-cu m) capacity, the new C850 Air Cart can accurately cover 170 acres (69 ha) per fill and easily seed an entire quarter section.

    When it comes to air carts for seeding, it's far more than just the capacity. It's also about the technology. The productivity. The effect of machine weight on tractor horsepower and soil compaction, and so much more. John Deere has balanced all these into the new C850 Air Cart, the very measure of performance that pays.

    We didn't purposely design the C850 to be the largest cart in the market, but something even better – the most favorable balance between cart, tractor, tool size and precision ag technology. That balance means less weight, less horsepower needed, reduced compaction and more uniform emergence.

    Accuracy beyond measure.
    That begins with our John Deere AirPower™ 2 system that uses two separate, high-capacity fans – one for seed, one for fertilizer. These fans can deliver 550 pounds (249.5 kg) material directly to all eight primary lines, precisely metering product into the primary air stream. That's at 5.5 mph (9 km/h) on slopes up to 15 degrees.

    The results: Greater consistency across the entire drill, more uniform seed emergence, more even flowering and canopy development, and greater yields.

    Technology beyond measure.
    We've designed everything to seamlessly work together for easy, smart, precise operation. This helps you seed and fertilize with more confidence – and make the most of your performance and yield potential.

    Unlike others, our integrated technology is as simple as “plug and play” for the cart, tractor and tool – everything set up to work perfectly together, in other words. No need to rewire, reconfigure or rehash the setup to make sure everything is compatible.

    Calibrating rates is so much faster and easier, too, thanks to John Deere ActiveCal™ technology. There's no need for back-and-forth trips to the cart.

    And with John Deere Section Control, you can prevent skips and overlaps to minimize seed and fertilizer loss… reduce your input costs… and ultimately enhance yield potential.

    Productivity beyond measure.
    The tank capacity, for example. The C850 has four tanks, including a 50-bushel low-rate tank, for a total 850-bushel (30 cu m) capacity. That's fifty-five percent larger than our previous larger cart.

    With less weight, the C850 helps reduce your horsepower requirements. You’ll see less compaction, better flotation and uniform seed emergence than larger competitive carts while still covering a comparable number of acres between fills.

    In addition, the conveyor belt and tube are both wider than before to move product as fast as 100 bushels (3.5 cu m) per minute. That means you can fill all four tanks in under 10 minutes actual fill time. That’s a big difference maker because less time filling means more time seeding.

    Paired with the 76-ft (23-m) 1870 Air Hoe Drill or the 50- and 60-ft (15- and 18-m) 1890 No-Till Air Drill and our 9 Series Tractor, the C850 Air Cart delivers performance beyond measure. Find out more. Ask your John Deere Dealer about the new C850 cart. That's Performance That Pays.





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