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Click here to learn more about our model 810E Forwarder

Small Forwarders

Small forwarders have a load rating from 9–11 ton. They are at their best in thinning operations, but can also be used in final felling.

    Click here to learn more about our model 1110E Forwarder

    Medium Forwarders

    Medium forwarders with a load rating of 12–13 ton and a variety of load space options. Incredibly versatile, they can be used in later thinning as well as final felling.

      Click here to learn more about our model 1510E Forwarder

      Large Forwarders

      The largest forwarders in the family have a load rating of 15–19 ton. These forwarders are powerful and efficient and best suited for difficult terrain and long distances.


        Why Should I Consider a John Deere Forwarder?

        Customers have many choices when considering a new forwarder and finding the perfect machine to meet their application needs can be a daunting process. John Deere's E-Series Forwarders offer a variety of features and options that make it easier for forestry professionals to find a machine that will meet their needs and make their operations more productive and profitable.


        Learn more about choosing a John Deere Forwarder
        View from inside a fixed forwarder cabin

        A durable, cost-effective solution

        John Deere introduces a choice in forwarder cabins. The new fixed cabin is a durable, cost-effective alternative to the E-Series rotating and levelling cabin, delivering unmatched comfort, ergonomics, and visibility thanks to large windows, rugged structures, and enhanced design. Noise level is minimized and inside storage space is ample.


        Ask your dealer about this new cabin option
        Follow the link to learn more about Intelligent Boom Control.

        Forward-er Thinking

        The future of forwarder technology is now, with Intelligent Boom Control. Loggers have been clamoring for intuitive boom control for 30 years, and this long-awaited breakthrough is finally available. The IBC technology significantly increases forwarder productivity and efficiency, while providing best possible fuel economy and boom lifetime. The boom is accurate, fast, and easy to operate, as the operator now controls the boom tip directly instead of controlling each of the independent boom joint movements manually. By eliminating unnecessary extra movements, IBC increases the life of boom structures and hydraulic cylinders.


        Learn more about Boom Control Fast Facts