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Filters for Lawn and Garden Equipment

Exploded view of John Deere Filter

Protect your equipment with the filter built specifically for it

Protect your equipment with the filter built specifically for it
Dissect your John Deere oil filter and you’ll find components designed specifically for what John Deere machines are made to do:

Oil pressure relief valve (A) - Calibrated to work with your engine's oil pressure, this valve automatically opens if the oil filter is restricted, allowing oil to bypass the element and preventing engine damage.

Anti-drainback valve (B) – Designed using a specially formulated material* that can withstand your engine’s oil temperature, this valve safeguards oil from draining back from the filter at shutdown and prevents dry starts that can damage your engine.

High-capacity element (C) – Built to withstand the dusty and dirty conditions that our engines typically encounter, our filters boast a large filtration surface area to provide clean oil to your engine. Multiple pleats in the filter media create a large filtration surface, producing better overall performance, and the steel center tube provides internal strength to prevent media from collapsing, providing further protection.

Metal end caps (D) – Compared to cardboard caps found in other filters, these metal caps are glued to the media to create a leak-free seal between the element and end cap, and prevent dirty oil from circulating throughout your engine.

Powder-coated shell (E) – This incredibly hard surface provides maximum protection of interior components, proving it difficult to get anything past this filter.

Maintenance Made Easy

Maintenance Made Easy
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Home Maintenance Kits

If your mower is ready for a tune up and you're not afraid to do it yourself, check out our Home Maintenance Kits and get almost everything you need – including oil, air and fuel filters – in one convenient box!

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Own a Sub-Compact or Compact Utility Tractor? Pick up a Filter Pak today and make routine maintenance a lot easier. Most kits contain an oil filter, primary air filter, primary fuel filter, and a hydraulic filter.

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Need a filter for a different piece of equipment? Visit our main Filters section to quickly and easily get the right filter for your machine.

*Depending on the John Deere filter, the anti-drainback valve will consist of either silicone or nitrile material.

**Data presented in this article consistent with material makeup of John Deere oil filters AM107423 and AM125424.