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Spacing and Singulation

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Vacuum Seed Meter

Vacuum Seed Meter product photo

The vacuum meter system gently pulls and holds individual seeds to the holes of the seed disk for population control and spacing accuracy, equaling better crop stands and profit. Vacuum seed meters can plant a wide variety of crops and seed types by simply changing seed disks and adjusting vacuum level. Vacuum seed meters are available for planters with MaxEmerge™ XP or Pro-Series XP™ row units.

Additional features of the vacuum seed meter include:

  • One moving component (the seed metering disk) for minimum maintenance requirements
  • Meter located at each row unit for accurate seed delivery
  • Good hopper seed flow characteristics for longer operating time per hopper fill
  • Adjustable baffle (MaxEmerge only) to control seed flow into the seed meter reservoir, maintaining proper meter fill for the type of seed being planted
  • Low airflow in meter so seed treatments are not removed

ProMax 40 Flat Disk

ProMax 40 Flat Disk product photo

Accurately singulates a wide variety of corn seed sizes and shapes for exceptional seed spacing and population control. ProMax 40 is even more effective when used with the double eliminator – a device that prevents more than one seed from being planted at a time. Together the ProMax 40 and double eliminator system delivers 99 percent singulation of today’s seed sizes.

Double Eliminator

Double Eliminator product photo

The optional double eliminator on Pro-Series™ row units has been redesigned with a center detent position. This position accurately singularizes more than 90 percent of today's seed sizes and shapes. When planting seeds at the opposite ends of the size spectrum, you can use the larger or smaller setting on the double eliminator to adjust the coverage of the hole. Best of all, these settings are uniform on every row unit, so you get unbeatable accuracy across your planter. No other meter offers this level of convenience and flexibility.

Seed Knockout Wheel

Seed Knockout Wheel product photo

A seed knockout wheel is used to ensure that certain seed types are fully released from the seed opening of the vacuum seed disk. Wheel projections engage seed holes, forcing all seeds and foreign material to be ejected. The knockout wheel assembly is mounted inside the vacuum seed meter dome and runs against the backside of the seed disk.

Changeover of crops has never been easier. The knockout wheel and scraper features are now designed to be changed without the use of tools, just a simple snap into place. The design allows producers to install and remove these components in 15 seconds, saving 1 minute of time per row or 5 times quicker than before when switching crops.

Retrofittable domes make life easier for growers with equipment prior to model year 2015 planters. The dome and knockout wheel/scraper can be ordered through parts to fit on MaxEmerge XP and Pro-Series row units.

Flush-Face Seed Tube

Flush-Face Seed Tube product photo

The flush-face seed tube is constructed of a smoked-tint, ultraviolet-protected polycarbonate material. The translucency of the seed tube allows the seed tube sensor to be mounted completely externally from the seed tube. This eliminates the need for a seed sensor hole which is required on current seed tubes in the industry today. Seed tubes on the market today mount the seed sensor into the hole of the seed tube. The flush-face seed tube provides an uninterrupted smooth surface from the time the seed enters the seed tube to the exit point, resulting in more consistent spacing.

AccuCount™ Seed Sensor

The AccuCount sensor is a more accurate sensor than the standard sensor and is designed for high-volume crops, specifically soybeans.