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Row Cleaners

Tractor in field photo

Screw-Adjust, Unit-Mounted Row Cleaner

Screw-Adjust, Unit-Mounted Row Cleaner product photo

The screw-adjust unit-mounted row cleaner is mounted directly to the face plate of the row unit, placing the ground engaging components just in front of the row unit opener blades and depth gauge wheels. This close proximity allows the gauge wheels to control the depth of the row cleaner as well as the row unit. This compact design also allows greater compatibility with fertilizer openers and other planter attachments.

SharkTooth® wheels are standard equipment on the unit-mounted row cleaner. The swept-tooth design of the wheel provides a clear path for the row unit openers while resisting residue buildup on the wheel. The screw adjustment knob is accessible through the top of the parallel arms, providing convenient access for adjustments. The row cleaner can be adjusted in 1/16-in. increments, providing plenty of flexibility to meet the needs of changing conditions.

SharkTooth is a trademark of Yetter Manufacturing.

Floating Row Cleaner With Unit-Mounted Coulter

Floating Row Cleaner product photo

The floating row cleaner allows a row cleaner to be used in conjunction with a unit-mounted coulter. This combination is often desired in heavy residue loads and tough reduced tillage planting conditions. The row cleaner provides a clear path for the row unit, while the unit-mounted coulter helps penetrate tough soil conditions.

Gfx+ Hydraulic Row Cleaner by Dawn Equipment

Gfx+ Hydraulic Row Cleaner product photo

Row cleaners should set correctly, but as the planting window narrows, there is little time for adjustments. Row cleaner adjustments may not be the highest priority. Users have to gouge a little, or not quite clear enough, in order to get the crop planted on schedule. The simple, yet dependable design of the Gfx row cleaner gives unparalleled control over row cleaning. The hydraulically controlled Trashwheels™ can be instantaneously adjusted over the entire length of the planter, using a simple in-cab electronic interface. The Gfx row cleaners are frame mounted with a trailing arm design that takes the pressure off the planter row unit. The Gfx system uses approximately one gpm and has the ability to run off Power Beyond, its own SCV or T into variable rate drive.