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Monitoring and Documentation

Tractor in field photo

SeedStar XP

SeedStar XP product photo

Building upon the foundation of SeedStar 2, the SeedStar XP system takes planter monitoring to the next level and is fully integrated with the full spectrum of AMS applications.

SeedStar XP includes all the features of SeedStar 2 while also monitoring:

  • Seed singulation
  • Row-unit ride dynamics
  • Row-unit downforce
  • Seed spacing
  • Full planter performance

SeedStar™ 2

SeedStar 2 product photo

Integrated innovation--that is what operators will appreciate with the SeedStar 2 monitoring system and GreenStar™ 2 (GS2) Display. An increasing number of acres , combined with rising seed costs, drive the need to easily understand planter functions and monitor performance. It is all about making every seed count and that is what SeedStar 2 delivers.

The SeedStar 2 monitor offers all of the features and functionality of the ComputerTrak 350 monitor and much more. SeedStar 2 monitors the following planter functions:

  • Row population/spacing
  • Row failure
  • Average population (entire planter and by variable-rate drive [VRD] motor section)
  • Vacuum level
  • Fertilizer pressure
  • Acre counter
  • Total acreage
  • Tractor speed
  • Automatic valve calibration

In addition, planter operational information is available within the SeedStar 2 monitor system. Such operational information includes population charts, seed disk vacuum settings, and setting recommendations for the piston pump liquid fertilizer system.