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Depth Control

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Pneumatic Downforce System

Pneumatic Downforce System product photo

Pneumatic downforce provides convenient, simple adjustment of downforce for the whole planter from one location. The amount of downforce applied is infinitely adjustable from 0 kg to 181 kg (0 lb to 400 lb). Pneumatic downforce provides more consistent downforce throughout the range of row unit travel than mechanical spring downforce systems.

For models with optional SeedStar XP, several pneumatic downforce system improvements have been implemented for model year 2011 and newer planters. Such enhancements include:

  • 9.5-mm (3/8-in.) air delivery line instead of the 6.4-mm (1/4-in.) line used on model year 2010 and older planters
  • Improved air compressor assembly with increased duty cycle. With this compressor, it provides a 47 percent increase in maximum air flow delivery compared to the prior air compressor
  • Ability to control the pneumatic downforce system adjustments with the GreenStar™ Display
  • Onboard air storage for faster row-unit downforce adjustments while planting
  • Pneumatic air bags with 9.5-mm (3/8-in.) airline inlets that have improved connecting points for greater durability

Active Pneumatic Downforce AFC

Active Pneumatic Downforce AFC product photo

John Deere active pneumatic downforce makes getting the planting accuracy desired even easier. A hydraulically driven compressor works with the SeedStar™ XP system to automate downforce control. Just set the row-unit target margin value and the active pneumatic downforce system works automatically to make sure the planter maintains this value-achieving precise soil penetration, and consistent planting depth without sidewall soil compaction. This frees the operator from constantly making manual downforce adjustments as conditions change. It also allows the operator to focus on all the other planting factors that drive up yields, like seed singulation and spacing.

This system also offers a split rank control feature for split-row planters. On top of actively controlling the pneumatic downforce system across the planter, John Deere active downforce will control the front and rear rows of split-row planter independently. This compensates for differing downforce requirements between the ranks and will help maintain an accurate planting depth and consistent margin across all the rows.

RFX + Hydraulic Downforce by Dawn Equipment

RFX product photo

John Deere and Dawn Equipment Company have joined forces to offer premier planting attachments. Utilizing Dawn technology, producers now have access to automated, closed-loop control of planter hydraulic downforce.

The Rfx+ downforce is a hydraulic-operated system that can be installed as a sectional system or customizable row-by-row system. Accumulators on each row absorb pressure spikes for consistent depth control. Rfx+ offers higher efficiency by using less power to operate, keeping hydraulic and electrical requirements low. The Rfx+ system only uses less than 0.5 gpm (1.9 L/m) per control module, it is recommended to use Power Beyond or its own selective control valve (SCV) with case drain. Dawn’s system utilizes the Dawn MiFx app and a CANBUS to Bluetooth® adaptor to plug directly into the diagnostic port and wirelessly transmits ground hardness data to the tablet with the option to store data in the cloud. If users choose to store data in the cloud it provides them a convenient way to manage ground hardness data and since the user owns the data, they can choose to share the data or keep it private. When opting for the sectional system, Rfx+ can act as a master with up to four RFX units daisy chained to it creating that section of controls.

Gauge Wheels

images of gauge wheels images of gauge wheels images of gauge wheels images of gauge wheels

1. Single Rigid Gauge Wheels well-suited to heavily tilled or loose soil conditions
2. Dual Gauge Wheels provide additional flotation in loose soil conditions
3. Reduced Inner Profile Gauge Wheels reduce sidewall compaction in heavy, wet, no-till conditions
4. Spoke Gauge Wheels allow mud and debris to flow through them making them perfect for planting and seeding in wet soil conditions

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Tru-Vee™ Openers

Tru-Vee™ Openers product photo

Tru-Vee openers and blades are designed to cut a trench precisely to the selected depth. The special beveled edges of these OEM Diamond Series blades make penetration easy. They retain their sharp edge and offer longer life compared to aftermarket alternatives.