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Closing Systems

John Deere Planter in field photo

Rubber Tire Closing System

Rubber Tire Closing system product photo

Rubber tire wheels are recommended for most conventional, minimum-till, and no-till planting conditions.

The spacing between the wheels is adjustable so the closing system can meet the needs of those who want to plant small seeds at shallow depths. The wheels can also be staggered fore-and-aft to enhance residue flow. Four levels of spring force are available, and are easily set with the integrated T-handle adjustment.

Cast Wheel Closing System

Cast Wheel Closing System product photo

Cast iron wheels are recommended for use in tough soil conditions where additional closing force is required. The cast wheels are installed in place of the rubber tires on the same frame structure, and feature the same force adjustment as the rubber tire closing system.

The spacing between the wheels is adjustable, and they may also be staggered fore-and-aft to enhance residue flow. The cast wheel closing system is not recommended for use in tilled conditions.

Disk Closing System

Disk Closing System product photo

The disk closing system is recommended for very shallow planting depths. Two small disks are used to gently firm soil around the seed. These disks are followed by a wide packer wheel to gently pack the soil surface. This system is not recommended for use in high residue applications.

Drag Closing System

Drag Closing System product photo

The drag closing system is recommended for use in soils that are prone to bake and crust after planting. These conditions are primarily found in cotton planting in the southwestern United States.

A small wheel is used to gently firm seeds in the bottom of the seed furrow. This wheel is followed by drags which feather loose soil over the top of the seed to level the soil, leaving a surface that is resistant to crusting.

M-Series Closing Wheels By Dawn Equipment

M-Series Closing Wheels product photo

When local field conditions call for it, utilize the Dawn M-Series closing wheel lineup. Customize closing wheel options with Curvetine™, Gaugetine, and FurrowFlex rubber wheels that bolt up to the M-Series modular hub. As each field may have a different soil or tillage type, changing from the proven curved tooth wheel in min-till ground to heavy-duty rubber wheels in conventionally worked ground is very quick.

Curvetine Closing Wheels

The Curvetine M-Series closing system has unique curved teeth to crumble side-wall compaction, providing seed-to-soil contact for uniform emergence. Also, quickly change from the Curvetine 1202 wheel to a heavy-duty, steel-rimmed FurrowFlex rubber wheel. No drag chains are needed.

Gaugetine Closing Wheels

The model 1204 Gaugetine combines the crumbling action of the Curvetine with a shoulder which gauges the depth of the wheel. This wheel will be used in shallow planting situations where the shoulder limits how deep the wheel can penetrate the ground. This wheel is a good fit in heavier ground, conventional tillage, or shallow seed depths such as cotton.

FurrowFlex Closing Wheels

The FurrowFlex rubber wheel for the M-Series modular hub system combines a heavy-duty metal rim with a very flexible rubber tire. The custom-designed rubber profile is flexible to deform and shed sticky soil. It is constructed from the highest quality rubber compounds available.