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John Deere Des Moines Works, Ankeny, Iowa

Des Moines Works facility behind a pond
As we grow and improve our business, we want to ensure we grow efficiently. John Deere Des Moines Works is a great example of growing our business efficiently.

Deere needed a new assembly building to expand sprayer production capabilities, but the project team wanted to ensure that the environmental impact of the expansion would be minimized and that the plans for the new assembly building would be focused on reducing energy requirements.

The innovative building design resulted in a 20% savings in energy used to power fans and reduced overall energy consumption 25%, as well as adding storm water and chemical management controls. The team was able to achieve the impressive reductions in energy consumption by focusing on the building's HVAC controls, efficient lighting options, and installation of a more efficient compressed air system.

Engineering Center Protects Nature Right Next Door

Engineering Center Protects Nature Right Next Door

Deere uses education and facility design to prove its engineering center and a wetlands area can live side-by-side, to each other's mutual benefit.

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