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Dealer Technician Program

The John Deere dealer technician job training program is a two-year associate's degree in which you'll learn how to troubleshoot, service, repair, and rebuild the equipment that keeps John Deere customers running strong. You'll choose whether you want to focus on agriculture and turf equipment or construction and forestry equipment, but regardless of what you choose, you'll work with top-notch schools and dealer sponsors to gain the skills and experience necessary for you to become an essential member of a John Deere dealership team.

Learn more about how the program works.

ag tech

Ag & Turf Technicians

Maintain and repair the equipment that helps feed a growing population and keeps our world beautiful.

Become an agriculture & turf tech
C& F program

Construction & Forestry Technicians

The world's growing urban population means an even greater need for reliable infrastructure-building equipment.

Become a construction & forestry tech

The need has never been greater

For more than 175 years, the name John Deere has stood for quality, innovation, and integrity. And our value to those linked to the land only stands to grow with the world's population projected to reach 9 billion by 2050. That means a massive need to build urban infrastructures and increase agricultural output. The need has never been greater to ensure our equipment remains operational and efficient. It's your opportunity to be a part of the John Deere legacy.