Manage your business with greater precision

John Deere documentation puts you in control:

Accurately control your costs
precisely budget your fertiliser, seeding and crop control applications.

Cut down on paper work –
meet legal requirements, agricultural subsidies and reliable crop traceability.

Farm more sustainably –
precisely control your inputs to minimise wastage and avoid over fertilising or over seeding.

Enjoy faster set-up –
optimise your equipment once, use the same settings time after time.

Ask your dealer for a demonstration.

GreenStar 1800 GreenStar 1800. Entry level documentation

The 7-inch full-colour ISOBUS display has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and push-button controls. Manual guidance is included as standard.

GreenStar 2630 GreenStar 2630. Advanced documentation

Records data specific to individual points in a field so you can create accurate yield maps. Add to this variable rate application and you can precisely control fertiliser, seed and crop care inputs for reliable cost management.

GreenStar Business Pack GreenStar Business Pack

Six easy-to-use modules to help make your work faster, more cost effective and error-free. It’s ideal for contractors and large arable farmers who have specific requirements for their operations.

Constituent Sensing Constituent Sensing

HarvestLab gives a clear and accurate picture of all your essential crop constituents in real-time: protein, starch, dry matter content and NDF.


John Deere HarvestLab

John Deere HarvestLab
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