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Godwin's Brain Boost

Godwin pumps just reached a whole new level of intelligence with the launch of the new "Smart" Series of pumps.

The new dewatering pumps are the next generation of COlSOM and NClSOM pumping units that have been mainstays in the Godwin pump lineup, owned by parent company Xylem. The new models — the COlSOS and NClSOS — now sport an "S" to designate their heightened intelligence.

Mike Ramos, engineering manager for Godwin Pump, says the company will offer the COlSOS and NClSOS with the John Deere PowerTech™ EWX 4.SL industrial engine that meets Final Tier 4/Stage V emissions standards without requiring diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

Godwin uses the Field Smart Technology to monitor the soot levels in the diesel particulate filter. "I feel John Deere took a balanced approach to emissions control technology with its Final Tier 4 industrial engines," says Ramos. "Its in-cylinder treatment and aftertreatment systems seem to be working efficiently, and the engine doesn't need to go into regen as often [compared to the previous John Deere Interim Tier 4 engines]."

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John Deere Final Tier 4/Stage IV industrial engines are available on several models of CD (high-volume, medium-head); Hl (medium-volume, high-head); Vac-Prime; and NC (non-clogging) pumps. Godwin also plans to launch John Deere engines on its new line of flood-protection pumps, slated for release later in 2019.

All pumps feature the Godwin Dri-Prime® automatic self-priming system. "That's the secret sauce that enables the pump to automatically prime itself," explains Ramos. "Priming is lifting the water up to the pump so the impeller can take over and start pumping it away."

Xylem pairs the Final Tier 4 industrial engines with a PrimeGuard controller, a fully programmable, microprocessor-engine-control system that offers auto-throttling of the engine rpm in response to changing pressure, level, and flow. "It's really about matching pump performance to the requirements of the application. In a lot of applications, the performance requirements of our pumps can change from hour to hour, depending on the conditions," continues Ramos. "The ECU gives us the opportunity to vary pump speed in response to these changes, which can improve fuel economy."

Xylem sources the industrial engines from Bell Power Systems. "The engineering support from Bell Power has been fantastic. When we want a custom power unit to create a sound-attenuated enclosure on a pumping unit, they work closely with us," says Ramos, adding that the John Deere engine distributor will provide a list of available engine options and CAD drawings, and they will engineer a custom power unit.

Godwin has been purchasing John Deere industrial diesel engines for the past 30 years, says Ramos. "Godwin brought automatic self-priming technology to North America, and it's been reliable over the years, kind of like a John Deere engine, which makes the two of them a good pair," says Ramos.

He adds that the worldwide John Deere dealer network is important, too. "It's a big part of what makes a John Deere-powered Godwin pump successful," he says. "There's that marketing slogan, 'Nothing Runs Like a Deere,"' Ramos says. "That holds true for the industrial engines."

[The Godwin Dri-Prime] is the secret sauce that enables the pump to automatically prime itself. Priming is lifting the water up to the pump so the impeller can take over and start pumping it away.

Mike Ramos, Godwin Pump

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