Gem of the Caribbean

Emerald Lady motorsailer powered by John Deere Marine engines sailing on the Caribbean

There's something about sailing on the salt water aboard the Emerald Lady that satisfies the soul of Alberto Montalvo.

"I love the water; I love being out there," Montalvo says. "There's nothing more pleasant than a beautiful day of light to moderate winds. It's the best way to be in touch with nature. That's what sailing is all about. It's what I love doing."

Montalvo and his wife, Sarita, spend as much time as possible aboard Emerald Lady. Both are natives of Puerto Rico, and they take many excursions throughout the Caribbean. Soon, Montalvo plans to retire and take more extensive trips on their motorsailer.

However, his vessel's old diesel engine had become increasingly problematic.

"It came to the point that I was not trusting it," Montalvo says. "Because I'm going to be using it more and going longer distances, I wanted to make sure that my wife and I had a more reliable engine on board."

The new 4045SFM85 marine engine

What Montalvo did trust, however, was the recommendation of his boat mechanic of 35 years, David Hinkel of Marine Diesel One in Florida. His suggestion? The new 4045SFM85 John Deere marine engine.

"He did the research himself," says Montalvo, "and his words to me were: 'This engine is bulletproof and will be good for you in the long term.'" What impressed Hinkel most was the engine's M4 power rating: 205 kW (275 hp) at 2600 rpm. "I searched high and low for an engine that produced power at a low rpm," Hinkel says. "Most of the competitive marine diesel engines that would fit the boat produced less horsepower at higher rpms."

In fact, the 4.5L is 50 kilograms (110 pounds) lighter than the 4045AFM85 engine, yet delivers 40% more power -— a 53% boost in power density. Plus, when compared to Emerald Lady's previous 6-cylinder competitive marine diesel engine, the smaller 4.5L offered a 56 kW (75 hp) increase in power, while also meeting U.S. EPA Marine Tier 3 emissions standards.

This engine is bulletproof and will be good for you in the long term.

David Hinkel
Marine Diesel One
A John Deere marine engine inside the engine room on Emerald Lady motorsailer

Increased fuel economy at work

Montalvo says the new 4045SFM85 marine diesel engine is a good fit for the vessel. "In a sailboat with a displacement, the top speed is limited by the waterline length. My top speed is 9.5 knots. We always run with at least the mainsail open, and we can reach top speed while motorsailing," he says. That's where Emerald Lady offers excellent fuel-efficiency, -with a fuel consumption of only 3.6 liters (1 gallon) per hour.

"My fuel economy definitely improved after the repower," Montalvo continues. "I don't know how much, but with the old engine, I definitely used more fuel traveling to Puerto Rico."

Plus, if power is needed, it's there. "When you're going against the tide, there's going to be currents to power against and a responsive engine is important. As soon as you push that throttle of the John Deere marine engine, you have power behind you and the boat moves."

Montalvo says the repowered motorsailer is not only powerful, but with the new John Deere 4045SFM85 marine diesel engine it's more reliable than ever. He looks forward to the adventures that await.

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