Customers Say New Innovations are Making Their Lives Easier

American Innovation Index recognizes Deere based on customer rankings

Innovating to make our customers more successful doesn't just mean helping them, it means helping a growing world grow more food, build more homes and improve its infrastructure. That's why when our customers give us positive feedback, we know we're helping the world leap forward.

On Nov. 16, the American Innovation Index (Aii) announced that for the third consecutive year customers ranked Deere as one of the most innovative. Aii measures a company's innovations based on customer experiences.

"The pandemic has challenged companies to adapt their business models at a faster rate than in normal times," said Lerzan Aksoy, Ph.D., associate dean of Undergraduate Studies and Strategic Initiatives and Professor of Marketing at Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business. "The American Innovation Index recognizes the companies with the highest innovation index scores based on customer ratings.  The results show that customers are noticing the speed of innovation by top companies in response to these turbulent times."

Over the past two years Deere has introduced two of the farming industry's most innovative, life-changing products—the 8RX Tractor and X9 Combine. 

Speaking of his Deere equipment, farmer Larry Woolliams said the yields he's been able to produce have been so impressive they've been difficult for some to believe until they see the hard data. It's also made managing his operation much easier and given him more confidence.

Larry Woolliams
Larry Woolliams

I love the fact that from my phone, from my laptop, wherever I am, I can send something to one of these pieces of equipment, or even log into one of my monitors if one of my guys are having trouble and help them out," said Woolliams, who operates a 9,000 acre farm in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. "That way I can have a better opportunity to make the right decision for our operation.

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