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RTK Base Station and Radio Tools : 450 & 900

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StarFire 900 MHK RTK Radio Tools

RTK Shared Base Station Receiver Tool

This tool calculates where and how far away the StarFire iTC Receiver must be located to avoid shading from taller structures.


Base Station Information:

  1. Enter the general latitude of your area.
  2. Enter the height(ft.) from the ground to the StarFire iTC Receiver

Obstruction Information:

  1. Enter the height of the obstruction from the ground (trees, buildings, etc.). Note: If the obstruction is the RTK Tower (Cell tower, Grain Coop, etc.), check the box labeled "Is this a tower?"

Mounting Distance:

  1. The recommended distance is then displayed at the bottom. If the "Is this a tower?" checkbox is selected; a direction will also be given.

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RTK Shared Base Station Receiver Tool Instructions