Planter Performance Upgrade Kits

Performance Upgrades for Planters

Get new planter performance on your current machine

Improve your yield potential1 and profitability, without buying new. Upgrade instead, and get new technology, performance and confidence from the planter that’s in your shed.

New-To-You Performance


Get a whole new planter from the bar back, not just a new seed meter, plate, and tube, and get the performance benefits of the ExactEmerge technology without buying a new ExactEmerge planter.

MaxEmerge™ 5E

Improve plant population with a MaxEmergeTM 5e row unit upgrade*. The row-by-row shutoff allows for perfect spacing when planting corners and on curves.



Want more performance?

Strengthen your ROI by achieving new levels of planting performance with the additional items shown below.

  • IRHD

    Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce (IRHD)

    Take it up another notch with IRHD. It allows you to consistently plant each seed at the same depth for uniform emergence. IRHD reacts quickly (seconds) to soil conditions in each row, increasing ground contact for improved seed depth.

  • Pneumatic Closing Wheels

    Pneumatic Closing Wheels

    Adjust closing wheels in seconds. Available on MaxEmerge 5e and ExactEmerge row units, pneumatic wheels provide consistent trench closing in rough field conditions.

  • Mobile Row Unit Runoff

    Mobile Row Unit Runoff

    Getting your planter ready to plant? Optimize row-unit performance, and adjust vacuum pressure and meter accuracy from your mobile device to ensure settings are correct.

  • Easy Adjust Row Cleaners

    Easy Adjust Row Cleaners

    Use three preset heights to remove residue from the seed trench. No more climbing under the planter to make changes. Do it from the cab with the touch of a button.

  • Connect Mobile

    Connect Mobile

    Monitor real-time data row by row in high definition, such as singulation, downforce, and population. Receive alerts to easily detect any problem that could occur during planting.

Ready to upgrade?

What kit is right for you? Give your dealer a call and schedule an evaluation. Together, you can decide what Performance Upgrade fits your needs and operation.

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Precision Kits Install


Add the latest technology and replace worn parts at the same time

Performance Upgrades Grow


Strengthen ROI, reduce input costs and improve yields* with new-to-you performance


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*Internal comparison of ExactEmerge and MaxEmerge 5e row units and components with original MaxEmerge row units and components, based on field and growing conditions. Individual results may vary.