The heartbeat to any agronomic solution starts with being able to do more with less. More ground covered in less time. More options with less headache. And more yield with less input cost.

See & Spray Select adds one "more" to that list: more weed control with less chemical use.

See & Spray Select continues to advance the precision agriculture landscape by using sophisticated camera and nozzle-control technology from the ExactApply™ sprayer system foundation to transition from managing by field to zone to row and, eventually, to individual plants. Or, in this case, weeds — the enemy of increased profitability.


Available on new John Deere 400- and 600-Series Sprayers, See & Spray Select provides an innovative targeted broadcast-spraying solution.

Used on unplanted ground, the "green-on-brown" technology differentiates color and can distinguish green from soil. When green is detected, spray nozzles are activated in varying degrees based on target rates needed.

On average, See & Spray Select can reduce contact-herbicide usage by up to 77 percent while still hitting 98 percent of the weeds in the field — essentially the same rate as broadcast spraying.1 Savings are quickly accessible by the operator on the See & Spray dashboard via the in-cab display. In addition, the display provides a coverage map of areas traveled where herbicide was not applied. The display streams this data to the John Deere Operations Center, which provides customers with a field map of herbicide application and quantifies outcomes like acres not sprayed and herbicide savings.

By using fewer inputs, the need to refill is reduced, allowing farmers to cover more acres in a day.

The overall savings can help justify the use of more expensive and complex tank mixes to manage herbicide-resistant weeds. Studies have proven that when more than two modes of action are used, weeds are 83 times less likely to develop herbicide resistance, making it more cost effective to use.2

What's more, engaging the technology to switch from broadcast application to See & Spray Select's precision application is a seamless integration made from inside the cab.

1In tests over 75,000 acres of fallow ground, typical weed pressure of 3,000 weeds per acre, with spray-length settings of small or medium, customers experienced an average herbicide savings of 77 percent when compared with a broadcast sprayer.
2Based on Evans JA, Tranel PJ, Hager AG, et al., Managing the evolution of herbicide resistance. Pest Manag Sci; 2016;72:74–80.
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