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A John Deere planter equipped with ExactEmerge, planting crops in a sunny field at dawn.

Deere currently offers 12 performance upgrades to the row crop planter product line, with particular focus on ExactEmerge™ row units, ExactRate™ liquid fertilizer, and Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce (IRHD). Customers select these upgrades to reduce inputs and achieve a better yield with uniform emergence and consistent seed depth across varying soil types. Deere also offers 10 performance upgrades to sprayers, the most popular example of which is ExactApply™, which provides precision droplet control in liquid application to dramatically reduce overuse.

The planting step is perhaps the most critical pass of the year for a farmer. The largest single impact that a planter has on corn yield is the ability to control the depth of the row unit. Customers with a 2005–2013 planter — before ExactEmerge row units and other advancements became available — can see more consistent seed depth and uniform emergence by adding IRHD and ExactEmerge. These performance upgrades can result in a significant increase in corn yields if done correctly.

And while yields are increasing, inputs are decreasing. ExactEmerge accurately spaces each seed to achieve 99-percent singulation, meaning higher yields are achieved with fewer seeds planted. While the seed is planted, ExactRate liquid fertilizer system applies liquid fertilizer with precision, reducing overlaps and applying the proper rate across a field. These technologies can operate at double the speeds of conventional planters through the field. This reduces the time required to plant and ensures the seeds are planted in the optimal planting window for maximum yield potential.

ExactApply sprayer system or nozzle control is our most common Sprayer Upgrade Technology, with the most advanced nozzle control on the market. Once in the fi eld, this technology enables customers to place chemicals exactly where the plant needs it. This reduces overall chemical usage without sacrificing yield and provides benefits for both the customer's business and their environment.

The key feature of ExactApply is precise droplet-size control over the widest range of operating speeds in the industry using Pulse Width Modulating (PWM) technology. This allows farmers to reduce overapplication and improve accuracy, all while saving two to five percent on herbicide and pesticide use and conserving water. This sprayer upgrade will cover more acres faster, allowing customers to get the benefits of the newest sprayer technology with the equipment they already own.

Armed with these capabilities and an understanding of our customers' needs, Deere's mission becomes rather simple: Shorten the technology-adoption curve, promote sustainable operations, and unlock customer economic value by installing the latest technology on later-in-lifecycle equipment.

Better technology. Better solutions. Better yields. All while keeping our planet in better health.

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