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Our people have led our business strategy, helped us overcome numerous challenges caused by COVID-19, and stepped forward in our communities. They have stood tall, moved forward, and asked, "What's next?"

Their efforts are evident in all the successes we celebrate.

This path to success is paved by the company's Smart Industrial strategy and the sustainable outcomes our integrated technology stack provides. Our customers — and key stakeholders — benefit by becoming more productive, profitable, and mindful of their impact on the world around them.

Initiatives like our new excavator strategy and acquisitions like Bear Flag Robotics carry this mission forward and accelerate our transformation from automation to autonomy. This evolution includes "sense-and-act" technologies that enable more precise, more productive, and more sustainable outcomes.

We are also utilizing data like never before, linking behaviors to solutions such as the John Deere Operations Center which includes more than 315 million engaged acres worldwide. That connection is at the heart of our equipment — making it run more efficiently while providing real-time insights and putting us closer to our customers and their changing businesses.

To those working in cotton and sugar cane fields around the world, we have listened, applying technology to make the complex more manageable. And we have gone into forests with loggers and made maintaining and harvesting that unique crop safer, smarter, and more sustainable.

It is our people who will use their unique expertise, insight, and commitment to pursue our 2022 Sustainability Goals. And we continue to recruit, develop, retain, and promote a diverse workforce, shaped by an understanding that our solutions are better when many voices are heard. We value that view, believing ideas must come from a variety of lived experiences, strengthening us as a whole.

Finally, in reaching a new labor agreement we continued to invest in our people, bringing security, certainty, and continuity to our production and maintenance workforce — all while ensuring our business remains competitive.

Our Smart Industrial business model has made us more agile and direct, strengthening how we lead by example — whether it's through a weeklong hackathon; an inspiring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion framework; or navigating a pandemic and strained supply chain. It is here where our people shine.

John Deere is often gauged by the products we provide — and make no mistake, our products are second to none. However, we realize the world's many challenges cannot be solved by equipment alone. Challenges like a deteriorating infrastructure, climate change, and social inequality push us to think beyond today. Answers will come from our grit, determination, and collaboration. In our neighborhoods and villages — where food security, housing, and education must be elevated — we have made a commitment to future generations by investing at least $200 million over the next 10 years, pledging bold support in places both familiar and far away.

"Together, we have identified a new direction for what comes next as outlined in our Leap Ambitions, which aligns our new business goals with new sustainability goals."

And while what is highlighted in this Sustainability Report shows what a unified company can accomplish, it does not measure all that we can become. Together, we have identified a new direction for what comes next as outlined in our Leap Ambitions, which aligns our new business goals with new sustainability goals. By executing our strategy in pursuit of better outcomes — using fewer resources — we will drive change on a global scale.

It is in that horizon where I see life leaping forward and society thriving. It is why we run.

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