African woman in front of John Deere tractor and villagers.

Grant Guidelines

Our Focus

We aspire to be a catalyst for positive global change by focusing our energy, intellect, and resources on solving world hunger, empowering others through education, and developing our home communities.

John Deere and the John Deere Foundation will not provide contributions, gifts, grants, or other charitable support to the following:

  • Organizations or for activities that are not formally recognized as charitable from a legal and tax perspective.
  • Organizations or for activities that constitute self-dealing between John Deere and the John Deere Foundation.
  • Directly to individuals or families.
  • Political organizations or campaigns.
  • Religious or other organizations that perform ministry, proselytization, or advocacy for any specific religious worldview. Faith-motivated organizations may be considered eligible, at the sole discretion of John Deere and the John Deere Foundation, if the organizations serve a secular purpose.
  • Organizations that discriminate against any person or group in its operations or activities.
  • Animal welfare or rights advocacy organizations.
  • Any organization or for any activity that John Deere and the John Deere Foundation, in their sole discretion, consider illegal, controversial, or otherwise incompatible with their mission.

Grant requests to John Deere or the John Deere Foundation will be received only by invitation.