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The Power of Citizenship

Giving back with bold commitments

At John Deere we are driven to create solutions that foster innovation through education, provide food for the rising global demand, and build economically strong neighborhoods in the communities we call home.

Bold Commitments

Leading with bold commitments, the John Deere Foundation will invest $200 million over the next 10 years to bring John Deere's higher purpose to life: We run so life can leap forward. As part of its 10-year commitment, the John Deere Foundation will invest:

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$100 million in the families and youth who live, work, and learn in John Deere's home communities to ensure their inclusive and equitable access to resources and educational opportunities critical for human dignity and self-sufficiency. Annual investments of two million dollars in food banks will provide the equivalent of 100 million meals over the next decade, and investments in youth education will reach at least one million underserved and underrepresented youth.

Watch how the John Deere Foundation is helping a local food bank end hunger in our communities: Feeding People Today to End Hunger Tomorrow.


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$50 million in farmers throughout the world to bolster their capacity to make a living, feed a growing global population, reduce inequality, and protect the world around us. Through its work with a range of global partners that serve smallholder and resource-constrained family farmers, the Foundation will help 15 million farmers unlock their enormous potential.​


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$50 million in John Deere's extraordinary workforce—its greatest asset—to further mobilize and build on their enormous volunteer talents and generosity to strengthen their communities and improve lives around the world.