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Precision Ag Technology

We’re creating today’s smartest technology to create better, more sustainable food production for tomorrow​.

An average farm can have more than 350 million plants that must rely on data-driven insights and technology to best address each plant’s needs. So, we’re automating farming through smart robotics, creating consistent, precise actions at large scale to feed our growing, global population.​​


The Invisible Advantage

John Deere advocates for rural broadband and 5G because rural connectivity is important and essential for our customers to capitalize on the technological advancements that modern farm equipment offers.


The Next Tech Boom

John Deere took its technology story to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to show a non-agricultural audience that the future of food production is relying on the adoption of smart technology. That future is, in fact, here today, and it’s the next big tech boom.


We'll Never Take the Farmer Out of the Farm

In uncertain times, Margaux Ascherl is helping farmers run more efficient, effective, and productive operations.

Life at Deere

At John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, we create the technology that makes our machines smarter​​.

Be a part of revolutionizing farming. Use your talent to innovate on real problems. Create cutting-edge technology to feed the world. ​​


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