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No one reaches more machines with smarter technology than John Deere

We are at the bleeding edge in innovating on smart technologies like advanced computer vision, sensor fusion, edge computing, AI, machine learning, and we are deploying them on a fleet of John Deere machines on farms around the world. These machines are automating farming to make a complex job easier, more precise and more consistent despite infinite variables.

We are in the field right now testing new technologies on the actual machines that will carry them in the environments where they will be running. With John Deere’s proven leadership in equipment manufacturing and our extensive, global dealer network, no one can match our history of and capacity in taking cutting-edge technology innovations, building them into the strongest machines on the market and getting them into customers’ hands.

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John Deere Labs

As John Deere works to disrupt the agriculture industry with advanced technologies, our San Francisco Lab situates us in a community where so many others share our passion for solving problems with AI, machine learning, robotics and more. We are establishing partnerships and building expertise to advance the application of tech in ag, while at the same time holding fast to our legacy of rigorous quality and customer-focused development.

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Blue River Technology

In late 2017, Deere acquired Blue River Technology, a company dedicated to developing innovative AI technology for agriculture. Using machine learning, Blue River is automating thousands of instantaneous, customized decisions—down to the level of the individual plant—allowing farmers to tend even massive fields and crops with far more precision than ever before. With the See & Spray breakthrough innovation, the potential to reduce herbicide use by up to 80 percent promises more profitability for customers and sustainability for the environment.

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Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG)

John Deere’s Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG) creates the advanced technology products revolutionizing agriculture. This team designs, develops, tests and launches products that improve farmers’ productivity and profitability. How? By equipping farming machines with the intelligent powers of robotics, computer vision, AI, the IoT and more. By applying these technologies to fieldwork, ISG empowers farmers to make and act on informed decisions at every critical moment in the growing cycle.

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John Deere FarmForward 2.0 – 

Revolutionizing Agriculture, One Plant at a Time

John Deere is the leader in technology that has a real impact on feeding, fueling and clothing the world’s population in more efficient, sustainable and smarter ways. With a legacy of bringing cutting-edge technology to market, our engineers and developers have a unique opportunity to apply their skills directly to the farm.

To the Ends of the Earth

Tad Newman, who is John Deere’s technical lead – Positioning & Receivers, Intelligent Solutions Group, recently had what even for a Californian was an unusual commute — he went to work in Antarctica.

See how far a John Deere employee goes to make sure our customers get the best positioning signal possible.

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An open space fosters an open mind. That’s the theory behind John Deere’s Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG) “we community” where developers create mobile applications for those linked to the land.

Technology enables John Deere dealers to anticipate customer problems and quickly resolve them, helping them get back to work fast. “We create partnerships with customers on the technology side to provide top-level service. Thanks to technology, we’re being proactive instead of reactive diagnosing and fixing issues.”

Joshua Carson, Product API Support at ISG in Urbandale, Iowa talks how he likes working at John Deere.

Tom Moser, Developer at ISG in Urbandale, Iowa talks about innovation at ISG and how he likes working at John Deere.

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"The company treats it's employees very well and the employees are very supportive of each other. The company invests significant resources into the development of its employees. There are limitless opportunities for growth within the company... Everyone I have worked with has significant pride in working for Deere and many within the company are long-time employees."
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