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As a John Deere Intern, you will play a key part in building a better, more efficient, sustainable and smarter world. During your 13 week internship experience, you’ll be exposed to projects involving machine learning, analytics, software engineering and robotics. This program will enable you to be instantly plugged into our network of mentors, managers, peers, and employee resource groups to support you. With a legacy of bringing exceptional, extraordinary technology to market, our engineers and developers have an unprecedented opportunity to apply their skills and talents to help our customers feed, fuel and clothe the world. Join one of the top ranked internship programs for three consecutive years.

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We are at the bleeding edge in innovating on smart technologies like advanced computer vision, sensor fusion, edge computing, AI, machine learning, and we are deploying them on a fleet of John Deere machines on farms around the world. These machines are automating farming to make a complex job easier, more precise and more consistent despite infinite variables.

We are in the field right now testing new technologies on the actual machines that will carry them in the environments where they will be running. With John Deere's proven leadership in equipment manufacturing and our extensive, global dealer network, no one can match our history of and capacity in taking cutting-edge technology innovations, building them into the strongest machines on the market and getting them into customers' hands.

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Everyone has a role to play. Everyone deserves the respect and appreciation for a job well done. We are the leaders in our industry and impactful in the broader economy because inclusion isn’t just what we say. It’s who we are. From across the country and around the globe, this is where you come if you want to work with the very best.

At John Deere, you hold the key to your future. Each employee uses their talents to write their own unique journey, defining where you’ll end up.

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Our internships occur during the summer months and last 13 weeks. Interns receive competitive compensation and are eligible for many of the benefits offered to full-time employees. Benefits include:

  • Health Insurance, Dental, 401K
  • Subsidized Housing
    • Payroll Deduction
    • Apartment or University Housing (fully furnished)
  • Travel Expense Reimbursement
  • Student Resources
  • Student Website
    • New Employee Information
    • Time Reporting
    • Community Information
  • Student Newsletter
  • Year of Service Credit (if 500 hours worked)
  • Networking opportunities, Mentors and New Employee Advisors
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Intern Conference
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John Deere FarmForward 2.0 – 

Revolutionizing Agriculture, One Plant at a Time

John Deere is the leader in technology that has a real impact on feeding, fueling and clothing the world’s population in more efficient, sustainable and smarter ways. With a legacy of bringing cutting-edge technology to market, our engineers and developers have a unique opportunity to apply their skills directly to the farm.

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"John Deere offers interns with interesting and challenging projects to hone the skills of an individual."

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