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What is SWE?

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a not-for-profit educational and service organization that empowers women to succeed and advance in the field of engineering, and to be recognized for their life-changing contributions as engineers and leaders. Founded in 1950, SWE is the driving force that establishes engineering as a highly desirable career for women through an exciting array of training and development programs, networking opportunities, scholarships, outreach and advocacy activities, and much more. Please visit for more info.

What is JD SWE?

The JD SWE Team is a group of employees who are also SWE members and work to organize activities related to SWE as well as encourage more employees to join SWE and leverage the benefits of membership. Mark von Pentz, President Ag & Turf Division, is the team’s Executive Sponsor.

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JD SWE encourages you to join and participate in your local SWE professional section! Find out more about your local section by visiting the SWE Sections of

Connect with our SWE recruiters

Angela, Business Unit Leader

Why did you choose to work for John Deere?

"I am originally from Colombia, South America. John Deere was a recognized brand in the construction equipment industry in the country. Working for such a recognized company was a dream!"

- Angela, Business Unit Leader
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Kimberly, Engineer

What surprised you about relocating to the Midwest?

"Midwestern friendliness. I grew up in California, and the sense of community and openness of my neighbors is very different than what I experienced growing up. This has been really helpful for me as I moved here directly out of college — without a support system. I definitely felt the support of my local community in my transition to the new area."

- Kimberly, Engineer
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Amy, Senior Engineer

What advice would you share with candidates who are interviewing with John Deere?

"Practice your communication skills. You can be the strongest engineer in the world, but it won't matter if you can't share that brilliance with other people. The people that stand out in interviews are organized, clear, and can connect their experience to the job."

- Amy, Senior Engineer
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Madalynn, EDP Manufacturing Engineer

How has SWE made an impact on you?

"During my internships at various John Deere locations, I was able to network with SWE members, forming lasting connections with other women in engineering fields. It has been so valuable to my personal and professional development to gain perspective from women who have been engineers for various amounts of time and in various locations and positions."

- Madalynn, Manufacturing Engineer
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At John Deere, Diversity & Inclusion is not just a catch phrase or temporary commitment. We are serious about our commitment, and below is a list of recent recognitions from professional organizations: 

  • Exceptional Partner Award in Sept 2018 at the NSBE Professional Development Conference
  • 2018 Society of Women Engineers Global Leadership Award
  • 2018 Society of Women Engineers Global Team Leadership Award
  • 2018 Society of Women Engineers Prism Award
  • 2018 National Society of Black Engineers, Corporate Partner of the Year
  • 2018 American Innovation Index Award Winner - John Deere earned a first place recognition for the Social Innovation Index™ seventh place recognition for overall innovation in the American Innovation Index™.
  • 2017 Company of the Year from the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
  • Top 5 Finalist in the 2017 ERG of the Year at the Out & Equal Workplace Summit
John Deere Leadership accepting an award