Reskilling Opportunity Leads to Fulfilling Day

Portrait of Patrick Mutamba

Featured Employee:
Patrick Mutamba

Job Title: Software Engineer

Product Team: Enterprise Data & Analytics Platform

Tenure: 11 years

For 11 years Patrick Mutamba has undertaken a variety of roles in IT business analysis, project management, and most recently software engineering. Patrick was one of many employees who graduated from a company sponsored Software Engineering Immersive reskilling program where he gained the job-ready skills required to transition back into a full-stack software engineering role. Upon successful completion of the program, Patrick joined the Delta Force team, responsible for full-stack development of the Data & Analytics platforms, where he has had the opportunity to utilize his new skills while continually upskilling in new technologies and areas.

Patrick credits his success to his ability to adapt to changes and his extensive experience. He describes his day as constantly changing: "As a software engineer no two days look alike. The day is usually punctuated by a stand-up during the second work hour or some planning, review or retrospective depending on where we are in the sprint. Mentoring, various learning or improvement events such as tech levelling or hackathon can also be part of the day. Not to forget pairing as well as various interactions with colleagues. All of these makes for a fulfilling day."

Continuous Improvement Drives Inspiration and New Value

Patrick and his team take pride in continuous improvement, both from a personal development perspective and in delivering platform value. Each team member has different strengths and the diverse technical stack opens up many opportunities to explore new areas. The team continuously learns from each other; pairing and challenging each other to focus on delivering value versus limiting themselves to the technologies that they are familiar with or comfortable in.

One way the team fosters this culture is through Hackathons scheduled every couple of sprints to cultivate innovation, creativity, and motivation. Patrick has been able to take full advantage of this time to dig into new skills and technologies allowing him to upskill and explore new areas relative to his career aspirations. As Patrick describes it, “You go with whatever the sprint offers you.” Most recently, he’s taken the opportunity to integrate the Jenkins pipeline with ServiceNow and to upskill in Scala, Lambda and API gateway.

Limitless Opportunities

When asked to describe his John Deere experience, Patrick said "I joined John Deere as a mid-career hire and was surprised at the various growth opportunities and career paths the company offers for IT professionals. I started in business analysis, had a stint in project management and today I am in software engineering. These assignments allowed me to hone my skills as a software professional while contributing to John Deere's higher purpose in helping to feed the world. This shows John Deere commitment to its employees and investing in their growth aligned with their interests to stay relevant not only within the company but the IT industry overall."

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