Machine Learning innovation leads to game-changer for parts classification

Portrait of José Alfredo Jiménez Valdez

Featured Employee: José Alfredo Jiménez Valdez

Job Title: Senior Engineer

Scrum Team: Global IT Supply Chain Solutions | Global Trade Systems | John Deere Mexico

Tenure: 2 years at John Deere, 14 years overall IT experience

Continuous learning a core focus

José has worked at John Deere for several years building on his vast work experience from previous positions in support, infrastructure, security, and software development. He credits his success at John Deere to overcoming everyday challenges he faces that have helped him learn quickly and adapt to a variety of situations.

Development has been a core focus for José since he began his career with John Deere. He explains the reason he feels there is room for growth and success is the excellent communication among employees at every level: "Communication is one the most important aspects of John Deere, either at the company, department or group level. This allows me to know the challenges we have and match my training with the needs of the company." He is excited to continue building his career and developing his skills as part of our organization, and looks forward to any challenges ahead.

An innovative solution to an ongoing, complex problem

One of the many challenges José and his team are faced with is leveraging new digital trends to provide more innovative and efficient solutions propelling the organization forward. For example, to classify parts correctly, the organization relies on business experts that are authorized to classify each part. John Deere's Foundry experience provided the necessary time and resources to José’s team enabling them to upskill in machine learning and explore new, innovative solutions to an ongoing, labor intensive business problem. This time has allowed José to explore machine learning concepts to aid in parts categorization.

José had initially proposed the opportunity to use machine learning to his product owner Manuel Lucio. Manuel was thrilled by its potential. Working together, they were amazed to find how accurate the machine learning algorithm was. As a result, an automated solution leveraging machine learning algorithms now categorizes parts significantly faster, and with improved accuracy.

Achieving excellence in everything we do

When asked to describe his John Deere experience, José said, "In a single phrase I'll describe the John Deere culture as achieving excellence in everything we do. Whether we speak about safety, development, quality, knowledge, standardization, diversity, skills, etc., we always try to do everything better than what we’ve done before. This creates business advantages and allows us to deliver some of the best products in the market. That is a consequence of the continuous improvement culture the company embraces."

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