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Portrait of Dattatray Wavhal

Featured Employee:
Dattatray Wavhal

Job Title: Software Engineer, manufacturing design product family

Exploration and adaptability can take a person far in their career, and for Dattatray Wavhal, those traits are proving to produce exceptional outcomes.

Wavhal, software engineer for the manufacturing design product family, has wildly moved the needle on t-shaping his engineering skills and inspiring others to do the same. It has changed the way his scrum team and the other four in the product family develop and execute their digital products.

Motivated from the beginning

When Wavhal first began his IT career in India, he was in an environment that focused on a culture of exploration and development which gave him the freedom to spend time on learning and was encouraged to ask questions.

“That culture gave me the motivation to explore the outcomes of a solution,” he said. “When we are able to explore, we begin to understand a lot of new things for the long run and that has helped me a lot related to technology because it is always changing.”

He brought that mentality to Deere in 2015 as a contingent employee and was hired as a full-time employee in 2018. Since then, he moved to the US in March of this year to begin his new role in manufacturing design. It’s been all uphill from there.

Driving change from within

Wavhal was known as a server-side engineer focusing on the back-end development of digital products, but he quickly expanded his skill set to include client-side skills to understand what the user actually needed from the product and how they would interact with it. Wavhal’s intense focus on t-shaping his skills and adaptability resulted in him becoming the go-to developer.

When he was constantly approached to help with server-side issues from client-side developers, he courageously shared his interrupt work with his team, and a new process was developed by the product owner to plan for the work and set priorities around it. It also meant that team members were going to have to deepen their own t-shaped skills to accommodate the work. And Wavhal stepped right in to drive that change.

“Initially, I helped my team members explore a particular area to learn more about an application and come up with a new idea,” he said. “I encouraged them to explore solutions based on why we do what we do, not only from a technology point of view, but in an agile way, and provided coaching to team members and groom them to work on a user story based on priority, and it really helped the scrum team to keep our focus on priority work.”

Mindshift expands to the product family

Although there has been a massive shift to cross-skilling on Wavhal’s scrum team, the Skywalkers, he has led the charge to keep the momentum going across the manufacturing design product family’s four other scrum teams, and has made a significant difference. Through the technical-level product refinement meetings the product family now conducts, all the teams are aligned on priority work and are focused on exploring the best possible solutions for all their users, while increasing their own cross-skilling acumen. This significant impact to the way the teams work is all thanks to Wavhal.

“I try to help everyone to change their mindset and adapt to new things instead of doing things the same old way,” he said. “Spend time learning and exploring and ask for help when needed. Don’t create a boundary around you but listen and learn from what others have learned and experienced. With that knowledge, you will then become more confident.”

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