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Service Technician

John Deere Dealerships

Working for a John Deere dealership is bigger than just a job.  It's growth in oneself, on a path to achieving all you hoped to accomplish. It's pride in your community, from the first neighbor you serve to supporting the next local business that opens. It's knowing that what you do helps to feed, clothe, and shelter the world. It all starts with you. Starting here. Starting now!

Interested in joining the industry's best?

Service Technician

Who is John Deere?

John Deere is the world's leading provider of advanced products and services in agricultural, construction, forestry and turf care equipment with an age-old commitment to those linked to the land.

Sustainability is deeply rooted in our higher purpose. That's why we have demonstrated our dedication to feeding a growing population, empowering global prosperity, protecting natural resources, and more.

Service Technician

Why Work with a John Deere Dealership?

John Deere is close to home. There are thousands of dealer locations from sea to shining sea, so you can plant your roots near your community of choice.

Working for a John Deere dealer, you can count on:

  • Competitive pay
  • Advanced training
  • Career development
  • Openings nationwide

For more information, download our John Deere Military brochure.

If you do not have a qualifying MOC, but have interest in becoming a John Deere Mechanic put in JDTECH powerup to learn more about the John Deere JDTECH program.

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