Employees standing around a chart of workplace safety quiz results

Creativity helps keep employees safer

Keeping our employees safe within our facilities — and outside them — is a top priority that brings with it many programs, processes, and metrics. But in the end, there is only one number we truly focus on – zero. As aspirational as it may sound, we begin every shift, every day, every fiscal year with the single goal of having zero injuries – on and off the job.

Numerous examples highlight the creative thinking it takes to keep employees safe. At our Horst facility in the Netherlands, safety managers used an inventive quiz to test employees on their knowledge about the factors that determine their safety at work. The answers provided insight to areas of opportunity and training and helped create a dialogue around the topics.

In Pune, India, the facilities mirrored the country's own Road Safety Week by conducting one of their own. Getting employees to work and back home again in a safe manner is just as important as keeping them safe at work. The program emphasized proper use of seat belts, safe travel speeds, and refraining from cell phone use while driving. The week was highlighted by skits and a poster contest. Also, the on-going campaign will culminate with a "Driver of the Year" honor.

In keeping with the driving theme, John Deere's Iberica, Spain, facility (Getafe) installed an automated chocking system, allowing semi-trailer drivers to safely and securely lock their unhitched trailers in place at dock doors. This safety feature helps eliminate the human error element of forgetting to put down mobile chocks. It also makes loading and unloading safer for the facility's fork truck drivers.

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