Recycling efforts remain above goal

Being good stewards of the land means reusing the products born from it. At John Deere, our facilities diligently strive to work with suppliers who share our beliefs. The more we can incorporate partners into our efforts, the bigger the impact. Our global footprint means our message is widespread and culturally diverse. Our goal is to recycle 75% of the waste produced by our facilities, and we have numerous stories highlighting our dedication to this cause.

John Deere's waste recycling efforts have been one of the most consistent environmental success stories. For the past three years, the company has exceeded the goal to recycle 75% of the waste produced in our facilities.

At John Deere Werk Mannheim (Germany), the factory is taking advantage of barcoding technology on waste containers. The barcode system allows the facility to use data to fully understand waste streams, improve segregation practices, and look for reduction opportunities. The barcodes help identify loading levels and the quality of sorting. The system also tracks use by locations within the facility and offers a quicker response time to changing production volumes. Mannheim is a facility that already recycles more than 99% of the waste it generates. Setting goals and reaching them is one thing; the desire to exceed and strive for excellence is another. This new technology allows Mannheim to zero in on where to focus on future minimization and recycling improvements.

Davenport (Iowa) Works embarked on a three-year journey to recreate standards for a visual factory incorporating 5S principles. Davenport Works created a foundational standard, meeting the requirements for waste segregation. As part of the visual process, waste sorting was made easier. All disposal bins were repainted and relabeled, making it simpler for employees to distinguish which materials were required to be recycled within the bins. Also, the project eliminated mismatched waste bins and added color coordination schemes to differentiate between waste and recycling at work centers in the factory.

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Yellow barcoded waste container