tractor in field with carbon boom accessory

Wide range of products showcase sustainability

John Deere is committed to environmental responsibility. From the earliest stages in a product's development, we practice life-cycle engineering to create products and services that both meet customer needs and reduce environmental impact.

Our product sustainability pledge serves our planet and those linked to it. It meets the demands of our customer's productivity while constantly striving to lessen our product's influence on the environment. To that end, John Deere had numerous breakthroughs in 2017 in both the Ag & Turf and Construction & Forestry divisions.

Our 8400R series tractors demonstrate significant reduction and improvement measurements. There was a 6.5% reduction in total specific fluid consumption in field work while showcasing a 4.7% improvement over our own fluid economy record in transport mode. Perhaps most impressive is the 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions saved over the life of the machine. This is comparable to 457,000 miles driven by a passenger car.

John Deere's Easy Change Oil System in our 100 Series lawn tractors not only turned a tedious maintenance chore into a 30-second task, it also helped extend oil life – among other things. The system replaces .8 quarts of oil while the remaining oil in the engine is refreshed by the charge of new oil included in the replacement Easy Change System. The oil's life is extended due to the combination of 40% more engine oil capacity, improved filtration, and cooler running temperatures. It is now no longer necessary to remove and dispose of all the oil in the engine during service, a good thing for our planet.

Our carbon fiber booms used on John Deere sprayers allow for 120- and 132-foot lengths while helping minimize crop and soil compaction. As our products grow in scale, we are finding new and industry-leading ways to reduce overall equipment weight, allowing for less fuel consumption and soil impact. The strong, durable, and lightweight material reduces boom wing weight by more than 35%, and overall machine weight, minimizing negative effects to the soil or crop. The booms are corrosion resistant and their simple design make them easy to clean and maintain. Using the 132-foot boom can increase spraying productivity by 8% compared to the 120-foot boom. For our customers that means fewer passes to finish the field, which is good for overall productivity.

In the past year, utility crawlers and 1050K pipelayer crawlers added eco-mode to maximize fuel efficiency. Eco-mode automatically adjusts engine RPM and hydrostatic transmission settings based on load while maintaining ground speed. This helps to optimize fuel economy by as much as 20% without sacrificing performance.

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