Our Leadership Team

The John Deere leadership team stands at corporate headquarters with a tractor in the background

Dedicated to Deere & Company's Higher Purpose

Generating prosperity, enabling human flourishing, and contributing to a higher quality of life around the world.

The quality of a company is expressed through the quality of its leadership. For more than 180 years, John Deere has benefitted from strong, decisive leaders who are dedicated to the company's core values of integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation.

Company Leaders


Sam Allen

Samuel R. Allen — Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Jean Gilles

Jean H. Gilles — Senior Vice President, John Deere Power Systems, Worldwide Parts Services, Advanced Technology & Engineering, and Global Supply Management & Logistics

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Marc Howze

Marc A. Howze — Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

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Mary K. W. Jones

Mary K. W. Jones — Senior Vice President and General Counsel

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Rajesh Kalathur

Rajesh Kalathur — Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer

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Kimberly Beardsley

Kimberly Beardsley — Vice President, Worldwide Parts Services

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Ryan Campbell

Ryan D. Campbell – Vice President and Deputy Financial Officer

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Pierre Guyot

Pierre J. Guyot — Vice President, Global Supply Management & Logistics

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Matthew Haney

Matthew G. Haney — Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Deere & Company; Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel, John Deere Financial

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Ganesh Jayaram

Ganesh Jayaram — Vice President, Information Technology

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Renee Mailhot

Renee A. Mailhot — Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

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James McCabe

James M. McCabe — Vice President, Taxes

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Bradley Morris

Bradley D. Morris — Vice President, Global Labor Relations

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Chris Myers

Christopher A. Myers — Vice President Advanced Technology & Engineering

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Gregory Noe

Gregory R. Noe — Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, International

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Thomas Spitzfaden

Thomas C. Spitzfaden — Vice President and Treasurer

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Charles Stamp

Charles R. Stamp, Jr. — Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Business Development

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Jeffrey Trahan

Jeffrey A. Trahan — Vice President, Pension Fund & Investments

Read more on Jeffrey's biography page.

Michael Weinert

Michael S. Weinert — Vice President, Engineering and Manufacturing, John Deere Power Systems

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Jackie R. Zachmeyer

Jackie R. Zachmeyer — Vice President, Internal Audit

Read more on Jackie's biography page.

Todd Davies

Todd E. Davies — Corporate Secretary and Associate General Counsel

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Agriculture & Turf Division

John May

John C. May — President, Worldwide Agriculture & Turf Division – Global Harvesting and Turf Platforms, Ag Solutions, Americas and Australia

Read more on John's biography page.

Mark Von Pentz

Mark von Pentz — President, Worldwide Agriculture & Turf Division, Global Tractor and Hay & Forage Platforms, Europe, CIS, Asia, Africa

Read more on Mark's biography page.

Bernard Haas

Dr. Bernhard E. Haas — Senior Vice President, Global Tractor Platform

Read more on Bernhard's biography page.

John Lagemann

John D. Lagemann — Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Americas and Australia

Read more on John's biography page.

Randal Sergesketter

Randal A. Sergesketter — Senior Vice President, Global Crop Harvesting Platform

Read more on Randal's biography page.

John Stone

John H. Stone — Senior Vice President, Intelligent Solutions Group

Read more on John's biography page.

Construction & Forestry Division

James Field

James M. Field — President, Worldwide Construction & Forestry Division

Read more on James' biography page.

Brian Rauch

Brian J. Rauch — Senior Vice President, Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply Management

Read more on Brian's biography page.

Domenic G. Ruccolo

Domenic G. Ruccolo — Senior Vice President, C&F Division, and Chief Executive Officer, Wirtgen Group

Read more on Domenic's biography page.

David Thorne

David Thorne — Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Read more on David's biography page.

Martin Wilkinson

Martin L. Wilkinson — Senior Vice President, Worldwide Forestry and Strategy & Business Development

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Financial Services Division

Cory J. Reed

Cory J. Reed — President, John Deere Financial

Read more on Cory's biography page.

David C. Gilmore

David C. Gilmore — Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing and Region 3

Read more on David's biography page.

Steven Owenson

Steven Owenson — Senior Vice President and Finance Director, John Deere Financial

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Andrew C. Traeger

Andrew C. Traeger — Senior Vice President, Global Risk and Region 2

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