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John Deere offers industry’s first factory-installed, integrated tractor and planter solution

John Deere Planter in a field

John Deere MY22 planters are ideal for farmers wanting to apply high-rates of liquid fertilizer at planting.

  • Industry-first, factory-installed tractor and planter liquid fertilizer solution comes with integrated 1,000-gallon (3785L) ExactRate™ Tractor Tanks for 8RX Tractors that can be paired with a MY22 planter for a combined 1,600-gallon (6057L) total fluid capacity.
  • New factory-installed fluid tanks hold up to 600 gallons (2271L) while seed tank capacity has been increased 30% from previous models to increase the time between fills and improve efficiency during critical planting windows.
  • New factory-installed option replaces tires with tracks for the 1775NT that improve flotation and reduce ground pressure to 13.3 psi, thus reducing soil compaction for additional agronomic benefits.

OLATHE, KANSAS (March 2, 2021) — John Deere has updated its model year 2022 planters to appeal to farmers wanting to apply high rates of liquid fertilizer at planting while making as few of stops to fill and tender as possible. These redesigned planters are part of a factory- installed, integrated ExactRate™ solution from John Deere that eliminates the need for add-on tanks and custom plumbing solutions and multiple suppliers.

"John Deere is the first company to bring to market a factory-installed, integrated liquid fertilizer delivery system on a tractor and planter together. A new MY22 John Deere Planter with increased capacities, paired with the integrated ExactRate tanks on an 8RX Tractor, is an evolutionary planting solution that can increase capacity, minimize soil compaction, and precisely place seed and fertilizer," said Kevin Juhl, marketing manager for John Deere.

The planter's new factory-installed fluid tanks hold up to 600 gallons (2271L) and feature air-bleed and overflow protection. To stretch the time required between fills and to reduce tendering, capacity of the planter's seed tanks was increased 30%, to 130 bushels.

Beyond capacity enhancements, tires on the MY22 John Deere 1775NT Planters can be replaced with factory-installed tracks to improve flotation and reduce ground pressure up to 73% (when fully loaded) to 13.3 psi. When half filled, these track-equipped planters can maintain a transport speed of up to 20 mph (32 km/h) for up to two hours if necessary, expediting the time it takes to transport from one location to another. Another available factory-installed option is the premium LED lighting package that helps farmers extend their prime working days well into the night.

"A John Deere ExactRate, fluid-transfer-equipped planter is designed to work seamlessly with 8RX tractors fitted with ExactRate tractor tanks to provide additional fluid-carrying capacity and to allow you to apply high rates of nitrogen at planting without sacrificing planting efficiency or increasing soil compaction," Juhl said. "Multiple independent studies have shown that fertilizer applied at the time of planting provides the best opportunity for plant health, on-time maturity, and increased bushels per acre."

An 8RX Tractor with 1,000-gallon (3785L) ExactRate tractor tanks raises the combined tractor and planter liquid capacity to 1,600 gallons (6057L). "When farmers think about 1,600 gallons being applied at 20 gallons (76L) per acre, it means they could plant up to 80 acres of corn between fills," Juhl said.

To plan the planting operation and then monitor the performance of the entire planting solution before, during, and after planting, farmers can use the John Deere Operations Center. "The Operations Center lets you monitor your farm from anywhere, analyze machine and agronomic data, and share information with your trusted advisors while making decisions," Juhl said. "It's the ultimate planning, monitoring and analysis tool."

In the cab, operators can monitor fertilizer and seed data on the Generation 4 Display. This information is streamed in real time through a JDLink™ connection to the Operations Center, where owners and farm managers can monitor performance of every row unit. In addition, the Connect Mobile app can be used on a tablet device in or out of the tractor cab to compare planting data with previous years. After harvest, farmers can use the Field Analyzer tool in the Operations Center, or any of the connected software tools, to study seed variety and fertilizer performance.

"Farmers now have a complete package of integrated John Deere equipment and technology to help them plant more acres per day and apply higher rates of fertilizer without sacrificing planting efficiency and while minimizing soil compaction," Juhl said.

MY22 John Deere Planters can be ordered beginning later this summer. Tractor and planter are sold separately. For more information contact your local John Deere dealer or visit

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