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John Deere Debuts Anti-Vibration Undercarriage System on the 333G Compact Track Loader

• Expanding on its wide offerings of optional machine enhancements, John Deere introduces the anti-vibration undercarriage system for the 333G Compact Track Loader.

• Key features of the anti-vibration undercarriage system includes an isolated undercarriage that creates a smoother ride by absorbing shock loads through rubber isolators, a new bogie system, offering smoother transitions over uneven terrain, and the ability to travel at higher speeds with better materials retention.

• With only four added and easy-access grease points, and a steel shield that protects hydrostatic drive hoses against debris, maintenance is easier and components are better protected against the elements.

MOLINE, IL (July 30, 2021) — John Deere expands its compact equipment offerings with the introduction of the anti-vibration undercarriage system for the 333G Compact Track Loader. Designed to reduce machine vibration and increase operator comfort, the anti-vibration undercarriage system was created as a solution to combat operator fatigue and enhance user experience.

"At John Deere, we are committed to enhancing our operators' experience and creating a more productive and dynamic job site," said Luke Gribble, solutions marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry. "The new anti-vibration undercarriage delivers on that commitment, providing a solution to increase comfort, in turn boosting operator performance. By improving the operator experience, we're helping to maximize overall productivity and profitability on the job site."

The new undercarriage option offers a solution to enhance machine operation, helping operators to remain focused on the job at hand. Key features of the anti-vibration undercarriage system include the following: an isolated undercarriage, bogie rollers, updated grease points, hydrostatic hose protection shield and rubber isolators. By utilizing an anti-vibration suspension at the front and rear of the track frame and absorbing shock through the rubber isolators, the machine provides a smoother ride for the operator. These features also enable the machine to travel at higher speeds while retaining material on the job, and permit the machine to flex up and down, creating a more comfortable operator experience, ultimately helping reduce operator fatigue.

Designed with productivity in mind, the new bogie roller system allows for oscillating movement of the rollers, promoting smoother transitions when cresting a hill, improved stability on uneven grounds, and enabling larger debris to pass between the roller and track system. This updated design also features a new oscillating bogie arm, further enhancing operator efficiency. This design includes only four new grease points which are easy to access meaning operators can spend more time being productive.

Improving operator experience was a key priority during development of the anti-vibration undercarriage system. With that in mind, additional enhancements were made and a new angled steel shield was added to protect the hydrostatic hoses from exposure to debris. As a result, operators can expect less downtime due to a reduction in potential damage to the hydrostatic hoses. Additionally, rubber isolators were implemented to offer longer track life and allow easier repairs compared to other competitive solutions.

The anti-vibration undercarriage system is now available on zig-zag bar tracks on the 333G Compact Track Loader models and can be purchased in the United States and Canada, as well as in various international locations. To learn more about the anti-vibration undercarriage system, as well as the full lineup of John Deere compact equipment solutions, please visit or a local dealer.

John Deere introduces the anti-vibration undercarriage system for the 333G Compact Track Loader.

John Deere introduces the anti-vibration undercarriage system for the 333G Compact Track Loader.

Allison Winer
Public Relations Program Manager, imre

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