News Releases   Sept. 01, 2020

New John Deere Smart Connector Establishes Direct Connection Between Tractor and Smartphone

  • The John Deere Smart Connector for Compact Utility Tractors transfers information from your tractor to your smartphone via a Bluetooth® connection

  • The TractorPlus™ App uses data from the Smart Connector to recommend service intervals, view diagnostic codes and access maintenance information

  • New solution provides an extended dashboard to your tractor by displaying real-time machine and job information, and coverage mapping via your smartphone’s location tracking system

smartphone scanning tractor barcode

The John Deere Smart Connector transfers information from your tractor to your smartphone via a Bluetooth® connection.

Cary, N.C. (Sept. 01, 2020) – Tractor maintenance is simplified through the new John Deere Smart Connector and TractorPlus™ App for Compact Utility Tractors. The Smart Connector establishes a connection between your tractor and your smartphone via Bluetooth® technology for easy access to tractor information, like service intervals, diagnostic codes, fuel level, engine hours and maintenance information.

The TractorPlus App provides owners with convenient access to key parts of their operator's manual, parts diagrams, and parts ordering directly from the John Deere Store or their preferred dealer. Owners can also keep track of maintenance and service intervals for optimal machine performance and see diagnostic codes in an easy-to-read list.

In addition to providing valuable tractor information, the app also provides coverage mapping via your smartphone's location tracking system for reduced overlap while mowing, plowing or spraying. In conjunction with the Smart Connector, the app can also function as an extended dashboard to your tractor by displaying real-time machine and job information.

Owners can also use the TractorPlus App to access a library of helpful how-to videos from the Frontier Tips Notebook for step-by-step information on topics like machine maintenance, property projects and more.

"With the new Smart Connector and TractorPlus App, compact tractor owners have easy access to a wide range of information, like service intervals, diagnostic codes and maintenance information," said John Doyle, John Deere product marketing manager. "The TractorPlus App also provides coverage mapping and easy access to operator's manuals, parts diagrams and parts ordering all through your phone."

The John Deere Smart Connector is easy to install by simply plugging it into the Service Advisor Port on your compact utility tractor. The entire process takes just a few minutes to complete and requires no tools for installation.

The new Smart Connectors are compatible with most 2-Series, 3-Series, and 4-Series John Deere CUT models, and can be purchased through your local John Deere dealer, or the John Deere Store.

To download the free TractorPlus app, visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

For more information about Compact Utility Tractor products, please visit the John Deere website.

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Maureen McCormack
Public Relations Manager - Turf