SOUTH CAROLINA - Large Tractors & Mowers (75.1 - 225 PTO HP)

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August 7, 2015 - August 6, 2017

Any state agency, political subdivision, county government, municipal government or other entity authorized to use state contracts per their own rules and regulations.

Contract Details

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Quotes are valid for 30 days from the creation date of the quote. All quotes created in JDQ2 have creation and expiration dates on the upper right hand corner of the first quote page for your convenience.

Allowed. Allied equipment may only be sold in connection with the sale of a contract item. Items must be clearly labeled on the purchase order or quote as Allied.

Allied items are implements, attachments, accessories, parts or bundles not manufactured by John Deere that are requested by the customer to complete the purchase of John Deere equipment awarded on contract.

Not Allowed.

Equipment Transport

Each unit shall be provided with the following:

The operating weight of the unit (in pounds) as delivered, including standard equipment and all specified options and with full fluid capacities, shall be stenciled by the entity installing the mower in two inch high black letters/numerals on each side of the machine in a conspicuous location. Four (4) tie-down points for safely securing the unit during trailer transport. One (1) tie-down point shall be located as close as practicable to each of the unit’s lower four (4) corners. The tie-down points shall have an aggregate rated strength of at least one and one-half times the unit’s gross weight. If lashing (D) rings are provided on the tractor, the rings shall accommodate a ½ inch (13mm), grade 80, grab hook. The weight centerline, computed with full fuel tank and mower in transport position, without operator, shall be clearly marked by the entity installing the mower on each side of the unit with a green vertical line approximately 3 inches wide and 5 inches high. (This is for safe loading on trailers). When tractors are purchased without mowers, the tractor manufacturer/supplier is responsible for complying with these requirements. Weight and centerline is required on tractor only purchases, as well as tiedowns.

Serial Number and Data Plate

There will be no vendor or dealer identification or advertising decals allowed.

Pilot Model

A pilot model unit may be requested to be delivered to a governmental entity ordering three (3) or more units. Only one (1) pilot unit can be required by the same governmental entity for a given make and model unless the manufacturer makes significant changes to the make and model after the approval of a pilot unit. If a pilot model is required, the ordering agency will advise the vendor in writing subsequent to award of the order. The pilot model unit, if requested, will be inspected and performance tested, and the vendor notified of any discrepancies by phone which will be confirmed by a letter. The pilot model unit, if acceptable, will be treated as fulfilling part of the purchase order requirements. All subsequent deliveries of equipment will be required to be the same as the accepted pilot model unit delivered except for optional equipment where specified.


In conjunction with delivery of the first unit, the successful bidder shall conduct a minimum one-day school on the safety, operation, maintenance, and diagnostics of the unit by factory trained expert personnel at the ordering entity’s facility in South Carolina. In addition and for each unique subsequent unit, the successful bidder will conduct a minimum one day school in the county where the unit is to be assigned, as applicable, with the using governmental unit’s operator(s) and service personnel, after the equipment has been delivered to the county where it is to be assigned.

Service Literature

Service literature shall include (as one set) an operator’s instruction manual, illustrated repair parts manual, and shop overhaul manual. Electronic (CD, DVD, or Internet; no concurrent user limits and no access fees allowed) format is preferred (documents in .pdf format) and should be furnished when available, except for the equipment operator manual that stays with the equipment. This service literature shall be complete and cover the entire unit, to include engines and transmissions.

Tractor Specifications

Attachments/accessories provided shall include all standard items and accessories normally furnished by the manufacturer/dealer, as well as the ancillary items from other sources that may enhance operability of the equipment. Any hydraulic lines within 3 feet of the operator (line of site) and containing hydraulic fluid at a pressure exceeding 725 psi and/or a temperature of more than 122F shall be guarded/sleeved (ISO 3457).

Overall tractor width for transport shall not exceed 12 feet (8 feet 6 inches preferred), and overall height shall not exceed 10 feet 8 inches.

Tractors shall be equipped with a Star Headlight and Lantern Model 257H8TAL-A LED beacon light with brush guard mounted above top rear of Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) cab to provide 360 degree visibility. Tractors shall be equipped with a Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) identification Emblem, meeting requirements of most recent SAE J-943 standard, and mounted in accordance with the standard.

Tractors shall be equipped with a Back-up alarm 107 db minimum and permanently marked as such. The tractor will have an approximately 100 watt mobile (two-way) radio installed by an outside vendor, operating on frequencies designated by the FCC for use in Public Safety Radio Service (47 CFR 90). The vehicle shall b fully compatible with the above radio installation and vehicle components and equipment shall not interfere with the operation (transmitting or receiving) of the mobile radio, and the radio transmitting and receiving shall not interfere with the vehicle component or equipment operation.

To meet the terms of the contract, the weight centerline shall be marked by the dealer at the end of the pre-delivery process. The steps are:

  1. Measure the wheel base (front axle center to the rear axle center). Call this WB (Wheel Base).
  2. Weigh the overall tractor. Tractor must be set up as delivered with a full tank of fuel. Call this TW (Tractor Weight)
  3. Back the tractor off the scale until the rear wheels are off the scale and the front wheels are on the scale. Call this FAW (Front Axle Weight).
  4. Time to do the math.
    1. Divide FAW by TW. This number will be less than 1.
    2. Multiply this number by the wheel base. This is the distance, from the rear axle, forward to the weight centerline location.
    3. The formula for the WC (Weight Centerline) from rear axle is: WC=(FAW/TW)*WBWB

Attached is a diagram.

No fees may be charged.

Not allowed on this contract.

Allowed for non-state agencies only. Political Subdivisions can use the statewide term contract to establish the equipment purchases price. They must comply with their ordinance or policies and procedures to address the financing (lease) component of the buy.

Multiple unit discounts are allowed. The contract discount plus the multiple unit discount equals the total discount. Discounts are based on the following schedule:

3-4 units - 1%
5-6 units -  2%
7-8 units -  3%
9 units or more - 4%

Sales of 3 or more like self-propelled products are eligible for the multi-unit discount. Self-propelled products must be listed in the same tabbed price book section and included on the same purchase order. Multiple Unit Discounts earned on like self-propelled products will be applied to purchases of compatible implements, but do not count as a unit.

Frontier Equipment is excluded from the Multiple Unit Discount.

Allowed. Non-contract equipment may only be sold in connection with the sales of a contract item. Items must be clearly labeled on the purchase order o quote a Non-contract.

Non-contract items are John Deere manufactured implements, attachments, accessories, parts or bundles that are not currently on contract but are requested by the customer to complete the purchase of John Deere equipment awarded on contract.

Not allowed on this contract.

Not allowed on this contract.

Not allowed.

Not allowed on this contract.

Attachments and Accessories may be sold separately.

Attachments are defined as items that enhance or contribute to the functionality of the piece of equipment.

Accessories are defined as items that are added to equipment that provide user comfort or aesthetic value, but do not enhance or contribute to the performance functionality.

Price Structure

Price Structure

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75.1 - 225 PTO HP Tractors
(A2_ Tractors range from the 5100E up to the 8270R)



Factory Installed Attachments / Implements & Accessories
(A5,A6,A7 & A9_ Implements except Rotary Cutters & Flail Mowers)



Dealer Installed Attachments / Implements & Accessories
(A5,A6,A7 & A9_Implements except Rotary Cutters & Flail Mowers)



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CX Compact Gator (KT Tires)

391AM, 0202



Gator GS

560KM, 0202, 1000, 2000, 4010, 5210, 5310, 6010



Gator TH 6X4 (gas)

5615M, 0202, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4010, 5010, 5110, 6010


Payment Remittance Information

Remit to Address:
Deere & Company
Ag & Turf CBD & Government Sales
21748 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1217

Contract Updates

 August 7, 2016 - Contract renewed through August 6, 2017.


Quotes and Purchase Orders:
To obtain a quote, contact your local John Deere Dealer. Submit purchase order to your local dealer.

All purchase orders must show John Deere Company as the vendor and reference the contract number.