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Doebler’s® Early Pay Incentives

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Flexible payment options + The industry's most competitive early pay program.

That's Your Regional Advantage®

Doebler’s and John Deere Financial are proud to offer you a program that delivers leading genetics to eastern farmers with convenient financing, adding more value to your operation.

Your John Deere Multi-Use Account provides a fast and easy alternative to cash. With this offer from Doebler's and John Deere Financial, you can keep your operation running smoothly all year long. Doebler's provides the choice of products you want, the flexibility of adjusting your order post-harvest, plus significant savings.

Fixed PRIME – 1% APR¹

Take advantage of this low fixed interest rate program to recognize your greatest savings. Orders financed through this program are eligible for an early payment discount, in addition to all other applicable discounts.

Variable Interest Rate (APR) Program Dates Discount
Fixed Prime – 1% APR¹ July 18, 2017 – August 31, 2017 15%
September 1, 2017 – October 31, 2017 12%
November 1st – December 31st 10%
January 1, 2018 – January 31st 6%
February 1st – February 28th 2%
March 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018 0%

Eligible Products

Eligible products include Doebler’s and RPM® brand corn seed, RMP brand soybean seed, Doebler’s brand alfalfa seed, Ecosyl, and Doebler’s seed treatment offerings.

¹ Offer ends July 31, 2018 and is subject to approved credit on a Multi‑Use Account, a service of John Deere Financial, f.s.b. For agricultural/commercial use only. Offer requires a $1,000 minimum purchase of at least one of the qualifying products listed. After the promotional period, interest charges will begin to accrue at the regular Multi‑Use Account rate. Available at participating merchants. Doebler’s and Your Regional Advantage are registered trademarks of Doebler’s Pennsylvania Hybrids, Inc. ® RPM is a registered trademark of Pioneer. RPM® brand seed is distributed by Doebler’s. © 2017 Doebler’s. All rights reserved. 8/17.

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Multi-Use Accounts are a service of John Deere Financial, f.s.b.