John Deere Electronics alongside Valmont Industries, Inc. introduces smart irrigation control panels

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Fargo, ND – For over 20 years, John Deere Electronics (JDE) has provided Valmont Industries, Inc. with systems solutions by designing and manufacturing electronic control panels. Valmont recently announced the release of the Valley® ICON® series of smart panels. These smart panels provide customers with features that maximize their time and provide improved control of their center pivot irrigation machines.

In response to Valmont’s newest panel requirements, JDE in conjunction with Valmont designed and manufactured the Smart Relay Board used with all four Valley ICON™ smart panels. The ICON series offers the customer a modular design giving Valley customers the ability to easily update their existing computerized panels with an ICON smart panel. Display options include a five inch touch screen, 10 inch touch screen, and off-site control with a smart phone application. The upgrades also allow for faster, more secure software updates, which provide a simpler user interface to the Valley customer.

During the product development process, JDE selected components and technologies meeting Valmont's requirements while maximizing the product life cycle. Furthermore, the opportunity presented itself to build off of JDE's current display technology while still achieving Valmont's objective. This proven technology helped reduce additional design costs while providing Valmont with a system that matches its quality standards as well as those of John Deere. As another means of quality and efficiency, JDE automated software testing to reduce verification time from weeks down to days. This results in reduced project risk and improved product quality.

In collaboration with John Deere Electronics, Valmont provides a diverse family of control systems ranging from basic to advanced with opportunity for future technology enhancements. JDE continues to work closely with Valmont and other original equipment manufacturers to provide solutions that enhance technology in the global marketplace.

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John Deere Electronics (JDE) strives to further John Deere’s global business by developing rugged and reliable electronic components and systems that thrive in the most extreme environments. To enhance innovation, expertise and competitiveness, JDE provides custom and off-the-shelf electronics and power electronics for original equipment manufacturers worldwide.


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