Look no further. Your e-drive test facility is right here.


You understand how your traditional equipment behaves in its tough environment. How does the use of electric drives impact your quality, performance, and vehicle life? How confident are you that your traditional test plans are covering all the boundary conditions that electric drives can impact?

John Deere Electronics has extensive experience in designing efficient electrical alternatives for mechanical and hydraulic systems. We possess the technical capabilities to design solutions such as inverters, converters, and power distribution modules to complete your hybrid or electric system needs. Our expertise extends from lower voltage (12 Vdc to 72 Vdc) to higher voltage (72 Vdc to 780 Vdc) inverters/converters.

Are you aware that our abilities exceed well beyond the bounds of design and manufacturing? The services available to you through our state-of-the-art lab are not often highlighted. When designing and building a complete hybrid or electrical architecture, we know how many complex parameters there are to consider. System and component level verification plays an integral role into new discoveries as well as identifying limitations that may exist.

How well do you understand individual component limitation?
How does system resonance affect the durability of your electrical components?
How can you achieve all required certifications to market your machine worldwide?

The answers can be simplified. Long gone are the days of locating multiple labs for motor characterization tests, individual component observations, and complete e-drive system level verifications. What we offer is the capacity to do it all…in one location: John Deere Electronics' power electronics laboratory located in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. These questions and so much more can be answered with tailormade solutions adapted specifically for YOU. Whether it requires multiple dyno stand configurations for unique system layouts, or the necessary accreditations for ECE R85 or SAE J2907 certifications, access to our complete comprehensive test capabilities is available to you. When combining these capabilities with experienced staff members who are driven by quality, this opportunity is difficult to pass up.

Let's advance together.

Contact us today at ElectronicSolutions@JohnDeere.com and see our next monthly newsletter as we dive deeper into the extensive services we offer to OEMs.