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Advanced Technology

Technological Focus Yields Dramatic Results

John Deere Electronic Solutions is an extremely technologically focused company, always seeking new ways to improve our processes and products. These ongoing efforts yield dramatic results in terms of new product advancements and capabilities, as well as process improvements that result in increased design and production efficiencies that result in lower costs to our customers.

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What We Do

Research and Development

John Deere Electronic Solutions R&D efforts are focused on emerging technologies involving embedded-systems, vehicle communications networks, material science, vehicle electrification, and intelligent systems. We are also achieving breakthrough developments in the product areas of displays, controls, sensors, components, and power electronics.

  • Field Robotics
    • Autonomous vehicle control
    • Position and obstacle avoidance
    • Path planning
    • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine health
  • Condition-based maintenance/prognostics
  • Sensor networks/sensor fusion
  • Embedded operating systems

Advanced Manufacturing Lab

John Deere Electronic Solutions has a team of engineers dedicated to improving product reliability through fundamental manufacturing research. Reliability improvements can be driven through process or component research. Engineers focus on developing or implementing new technologies and materials in our production process, such as lead-free production. We thoroughly analyzed how our production processes needed to change to implement lead-free solder and components, and the required advancements we made to ensure comparable or increased reliability.