GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards: Kampgrounds of America

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Kampgrounds of America

As a franchisee for Kampgrounds of America (KOA), you are eligible for a free Platinum 1 membership. We want make sure you get the most out of your John Deere equipment, your John Deere dealer, and your KOA franchise. If you’re already a GreenFleet member, we’ll simply add the 2 credits to your existing membership. Be sure to check out the rest of the program because Platinum benefits give you so much more than just equipment discounts.

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How do I apply?

You’re only a couple clicks away from receiving your Platinum 1 membership.

KOA Franchise Business Entities are eligible. Franchise must register, purchase, and finance equipment as a Business. Personal and Residential purchases are not eligible. Current Kampgrounds of America, Inc. employees are also eligible. The employee must register, purchase and finance equipment as registered.


Use the following link to register for GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards. If you're already a GreenFleet member, register below to add your additional credits. Don't worry, we'll match to your existing GreenFleet account and not create a duplicate account.

I am a KOA Franchise

I am a KOA, Inc. employee


If you have a KOA, Inc. email address (, you'll receive an automatic confirmation once you register, at which time your local dealer can look up your information if you need to make a purchase. If you are a KOA Franchise, your registration will be approved within a couple days..


You are entitled to GreenFleet benefits as long as you are current KOA, Inc. employee or your KOA franchise is active and in good standing. If you are no longer a KOA franchise, your GreenFleet benefits will also expire.

Platinum Benefits

Initial Platinum membership starts automatically with 2 units purchased within 12 months. Platinum members receive the best of GreenFleet with access to valuable equipment discounts, special financing options, workshop products discounts, and other exclusive member-only benefits. Plus, Partner Program members can unlock even more benefits.

  • 2 year membership
  • Valuable Equipment Discounts
  • Monthly member email with exclusive offers
  • 10% Off Workshop Products
  • 10% Off