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John Deere Extended Service Plan (JDESP)

Avoid Unexpected Repair Bills


John Deere provides one of the best warranties in the business. And with John Deere Extended Service Plan (JDESP), you can add up to two years of coverage beyond the normal warranty term. JDESP is available on all new lawn tractors, zero-turn radius mowers, utility vehicles and compact utility tractors.


Worry Free


Sure, there is some fine print involved, and we encourage you to view our brochure for details. But we can sum it up like this: You can use your new equipment for a year or two beyond the factory warranty period, and not have to worry about unexpected repair bills.




For just a few extra dollars a month, you can finance this extended coverage with your purchase.


Superior Quality


Under the program, only genuine John Deere and original equipment manufacturer parts are installed by factory trained technicians.




If you choose to sell your equipment, the remaining JDESP coverage can transfer to the new owner. It's a great selling point for down the road and can add value when you are ready to sell or trade.


Buy Online Options
Gator™ XUV or HPX 2 and 3 Year Options
T-Series Gator™ 2 and 3 Year Options
Compact Series Gators 3 and 4 Year Options
Zero-Turn Mowers (Z225 through Z425 ZTRs) 3 and 4 Year Options
Zero-Turn Mowers (Z445 through Z970 ZTRs) 5 and 6 Year Options
100 Series Lawn Tractors 3 and 4 Year Options
Select Series Lawn Tractors 5 and 6 Year Options


For more information on the John Deere Extended Service Plan, please view our brochure, see your local John Deere dealer, or buy online.

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