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Forestry Technology Solutions

John Deere ForestSight makes your job easier by bringing together machines, technology, and your dealer.

As a logger, you demand more uptime. Fast, accurate diagnosis of machine problems. Rapid, effective service response and the right part, the first time. Better fuel economy. Closer tracking of machines and operators for more efficient operation. John Deere ForestSight provides the insight you need to address these challenges by bringing together machines, technology, and your dealer.


John Deere ForestSight technologies help optimize your machines, your uptime, and your jobsites – ultimately leading to improved profits. But don't let "technology" scare you. Your John Deere dealer's technology specialist can help you enjoy the benefits of ForestSight with as much or as little involvement as you desire.

  • JDLink Radio Tower

    JDLink gives you remote access to fleet location, fleet utilization and unparalleled diagnostic data.

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    Machine Health Prognostics turns JDLink, machine inspection, and fluid analysis data into smart machine health solutions.

  • Wrench emitting radio waves

    Your John Deere dealer can help you reduce downtime by reading diagnostic trouble codes remotely, as well as recording performance readings.

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      Your dealer's technology specialist can ensure that your John Deere ForestSight experience is exactly how you want it.

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      ForestSight Video

      John Deere ForestSight turns data into solutions to optimize machines, uptime, and your jobsite. Benefit from improved profitability with John Deere ForestSight.

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      Ultimate Uptime is designed to improve your profitability by maximizing productivity and uptime while lowering operating costs.

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