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JDLink Machine Monitoring

JDLink Machine Monitoring System

JDLink gives you remote access to fleet location, fleet utilization and unparalleled diagnostic data. Now you can easily see what equipment is earning and which machines are idling — all while keeping preventative-maintenance tabs on each machine in your fleet.


Key features include:

  • Monitoring machine health
  • Extending life through preventative maintenance
  • Simplifying maintenance scheduling and documentation
  • Increasing uptime through alerts of potential downtime
  • Tracking rental fleet machines and their hours of use
  • Documenting machine and operator productivity
  • Recovering stolen machines through GPS tracking

JDLink Select

A great whole-fleet solution.

Count on JDLink Select for 24/7/365 machine-hour, location, maintenance-tracking, and geofencing capabilities delivered to your PC. Look to Select for a well-rounded telematics solution for advanced machine utilization for every piece in your fleet. JDLink Select is also available as a factory option.


  • It's an all-makes fleet solution with expandable sensor capabilities.
  • Sends reports via analog and digital cellular technology.
  • Tracks machine location and hours.
  • Locates stolen machines through superior tracking.
  • Monitors service status and advises of scheduled maintenance.
  • Features enhanced geofencing, curfew, and maintenance-tracking capabilities.
  • Works on any unit with a 12- or 24- volt battery.


JDLink Ultimate

Go for the maximum with JDLink Ultimate.

It does everything Select does, plus provides a comprehensive view of engine diagnostics, and adds monitoring of fuel consumption, gear selection, component pressure and temperature, and full-featured diagnostic-information retrieval.

Here are some reasons why Ultimate is the ultimate:

  • Monitors service status and advises of scheduled maintenance.
  • Empowers through the ultimate level of alerts, warnings, and location and maintenance tracking.
  • Full-featured diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Monitors all essential machine vitals.
  • Reports to you 24/7/365.
  • You can view all the data recorded and displayed by machine type on the JDLink Ultimate Data chart.
  • Comes standard with three years of service on all new John Deere forestry machines.


You can set the allowable operating times and days for a piece of equipment using the curfew feature.

Machine Curfew

You can easily draw a geofence around a machine so you can be alerted should the machine travel outside its virtual boundary.



One of the many useful data charts in JDLink Ultimate is fuel level and average consumption rate.



Dual-mode option

JDLink Ultimate now offers dual-mode service via cellular or satellite communication as an option. With dual-mode, JDLink will still connect via cellular connection unless a connection cannot be established. Then, JDLink will switch over to satellite mode. A machine communicating via satellite mode will report hours, location, alerts and many other Ultimate data sets. Call-in frequency for a machine communicating in satellite mode is once per day. Red alerts and geofence violations are sent immediately, just like when in cellular coverage.

Rugged and dependable

Modular Telematics GatewayThe new JDLink hardware – known as the Modular Telematics Gateway (MTG) – is built tough to stand up to harsh forestry equipment use.




Let's get even more technical. Check out these key MTG specs.

  • Connectors: All rated at IP67 or better
  • Input voltage: 9-32VDC (switched and un-switched power)
  • Current draw (maximum): On, .03A; Sleep/Ears-On, 0.025A; Hibernate, 0.001A
  • Sensor/Analog inputs: On/Off digital, 0-3V; Threshold >2.5V “on,” <2.5V “off”
  • Operating temperature: -40C to +75C
  • Storage temperature: -40C to +85C
  • Operating shock: 3-axis, 25G to 85G in 10G steps, 1,000 shocks per step (must pass)
  • Bench handling: EAP-004, 90% probability of one dropping one meter onto concrete
  • ESD: ISO 1065, 2001

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