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744K Wheel Loader

Features & Specs

  • Interim Tier 4 engine
  • Unsurpassed 360-degree visibility
  • Optional five-speed transmission
  • Embedded payload scale
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Net Power227 kW (304 hp) @ 1,500 rpm
Bucket Capacity4.0–4.4 m³ (5.25–5.75 cu. yd.)
Bucket Width3.27 m (10 ft. 9 in.)
Breakout Force17 433–19 416 kg (38,433–42,805 lb.)
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744K Wheel Loader


ThinK. Big.

Serious productivity demands serious thinking. Many of the numerous improvements in the K-Series came from the brightest minds in the industry — loader owners and users such as yourself. Armed with fresh insights from this Customer Advocate Group, we enlarged the cab, redesigned the cooling, enhanced the hydraulics, refined the ergonomics, and offered even more options. All with the goal of increasing productivity and uptime, while lowering daily operating costs. Owners, operators, and maintenance personnel will all benefit from the big ideas found in the 744K Loader.








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