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Four-Wheel-Drive Tractors

  • 9R Series

    9R Series Tractors

    Four-wheel-drive models: 360 to 560 engine hp. Our largest tractors for your largest jobs. Get exceptional horsepower and capacity, plus improved versatility and comfort.

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    • 9R Series Scraper Special Tractors

      9R Series Scraper Special Tractors

      Scraper Special models: 460 to 560 engine hp. High-flow hydraulics, drawbar support options, axle flats, and reinforced axles allow the 9R Scraper Special Tractors to handle the heavy loads of scraper applications.

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      • JDLink™ and GreenStar™ Solutions

        JDLink™ and GreenStar™ Solutions

        Your tractor is calling. Select models are integrated with the JDLink information-management system with one year of free JDLink service. Plus, many are AutoTrac™-ready and are loaded with select GreenStar 3 applications for improved efficiency, productivity, and lower input costs.

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