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9R/9RT Series

Made for the way you work

Extra versatility for your get-it-done attitude

The 9R/9RT Series is a complete lineup of 4WD and tracked tractors loaded with power and versatility to help you be more productive and more efficient.

CommandView™ II Cab CommandView™ II Cab
No one puts it all together like John Deere, from easy-to-read displays to easy-to-learn controls, plus plenty of storage space, a superb sound system, and unmatched comfort.
PowerTech™ engines PowerTech™ engines
The 9360R is built with the PowerTech PSX 9.0L engine, while all other 9R/9RT models feature the PowerTech PSX 13.5L engine. Both engines deliver uncompromised performance and reduced emissions with just one fluid — diesel.

Efficiency Manager™ Efficiency Manager™
Your fuel savings will start adding up thanks to Efficiency Manager. This advanced feature automatically adjusts and matches the performance of the engine and transmission to maintain ground speed with the lowest RPMs to save fuel.
Improved implement compatibilityImproved implement compatibility
Hook up to larger implements — and a larger selection of implements — to finish big acres fast. 9R/9RT Tractors have increased hydraulic flow (up to 78 U.S. gpm), increased hitch-lift capacity (up to 20,000 pounds optional), a PTO option, and a high-flow hydraulic option on track models.

Larger selection of tiresLarger selection of tires
The 15,300-pound 3-point hitch option increases the demand on tires – no worries. Our Group 48 package provides a bigger footprint for improved traction and ground clearance, plus reduced compaction.
New JDLink™ Information-Management SystemJDLink™ Information-Management System
Your tractor is calling. With JDLink, your tractor will send you regular updates via the web and your cell phone with information on how and where it’s operating so you can better manage your operation, your machines, and your costs. Just activate the one year of free service to get started.